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Appointment and role of lubricants (greases and oils) in Engineering Lubricants are widely used in modern technology, to reduce friction in moving parts (motors, bearings, gears, i.t g), and to reduce friction during machining of structural and other materials on the machine (turning, milling, grinding, etc.). Depending on the purpose and conditions of the lubricant (grease), they are solids (graphite, molybdenum disulfide, cadmium iodide, tungsten diselenide, hexagonal boron nitride, etc.), semisolid, semiliquid (molten metals, grease, konstaliny, etc), liquid (automotive and other machine oil), gas (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, inert gases). Kinds and types of lubricants: Depending on the characteristics of the friction pair materials, lubrication can be used in liquid (eg, mineral, partly synthetic and synthetic oil) and solids (PTFE, graphite, molybdenum disulfide) material. By lubricant base materials are divided into: * mineral – they are based on hydrocarbons, petroleum products, synthetic * – obtained by synthesis of organic and inorganic (eg silicone grease) All raw materials, liquid lubricants are divided into classes according to the viscosity (SAE classification for engine and gear oils, Classification iso vg (viscosity grade) for industrial oils) and group performance level (classification api, acea, for the motor and gear oils, iso classification for industrial oils. The aggregate state share to: * solid, semisolid *, * semi-liquid, liquid *, * gaseous. By appointment: * Motor oil – used in internal combustion engines.

* Transmission and gear oils – used in a variety of gears and gearboxes. * Hydraulic oil – used as a working fluid in hydraulic systems. * Edible oils and fluids – are used in equipment for food production and packaging, where possible risk contamination of lubricant products. * Industrial Oils (textiles, for rolling mills, hardening, electrical, fluids, and many others) – are used in a variety of machines and mechanisms to lubrication, preservation, packing, cooling, removal of waste processing, etc. * Conducting grease (paste) 1 – used to protect electrical contacts from corrosion and reduce contact resistance contacts. Conductive greases manufactured grease. * Lubricant (plastic) lubricants – used in the nodes, which can not be constructive application of liquid lubricants.