Wi-Fi Set Up Printer – S Way

With this step by step guide you setup your wireless printer a how does a Wi-Fi printer? The Wi-Fi printer has a Wi-Fi interface. It can be integrated in the network and operated wirelessly. To do this you must have turned on of course Wi-Fi on your router The printer can be placed anywhere in the House and are operated by different computers, Netbooks, Tablet PCs or even cell phones out. You can send a document to the printer for example from your Smartphone and print it there. At the beginning one has to take but some time with the installation, because setting up the wireless printer is not quite that simple. Connect your Wi-Fi printer with the mains plug from the wall socket and you first read the user manual, because in establishing differences exist entirely depending on the manufacturer and device type. You bought yet a printer? Wi-Fi network adjust the configuration of your wireless printer to your network should actually be possible in just a few minutes. So you installed no problems get, you should however first check network your Wi-Fi.

It should be a so-called DHCP server. A DHCP server is a practical service on all new devices are recognized by the router. The service then automatically assigns a free address in the network to the new devices. These data need to set up to your Wi-Fi to configure printer to your network, you must perform some steps. You need the security code and your network name. Now it can even go. With this step for step instructions you set up the printer on the network.

Step by step guide: Wi-Fi printer set up first looking a good place for your printer, the best a central place in the House, from which all devices via Wi-Fi on the printer can be accessed. Plug your printer into the wall socket and switch on the device. No matter which device you have, usually the new printers have a touchscreen as controls. The menus are different built from model to model. Therefore, you should first take a look in your owner’s manual or as long click through the menu until you get to the printer settings. In the settings then the point of Wi-Fi “select. The printers usually have a search function which can be used to search your own network. So start the network search and select your network from the list. Now, you will be prompted to enter the security code for your network. This is the code you have specified when setting up your router. Your printer is now connected to your Wi-Fi network, and should be used by all devices. However, it may be additionally necessary to install the printers supplied software on each device. Details on this point, also refer to the instruction manual of your printer. If you usually don’t go Wi-Fi to the Internet, you must remember of course, Wi-Fi whatever turn on, if you want to print.