Work Room

As a new classic in the everyday life proves to be Hello dear reader! In the last article, we have already introduced the system no. 1. Now we illuminate the versatility: den / Office work and feel well with the system no. 1 no opposites: the combination of white surfaces and solid beech wood studs is both modern and also functional and at the same time creates a warm atmosphere. Each Office can be set up perfectly with the matching desks. Practical details and features – such as for example the push-to-open function of the handle-free doors and drawers ensure professionalism. Whether it’s home office or classic Office: System No.. 1 can be cut to the individual and changing needs.

Due to the modular construction, the combinations can be rebuilt at any time easily and rearranged. The desk can be flexibly extended with legs or castors, approach table and boxes. Children’s / youth rooms of the child for the teenager’s room: System No. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. 1 is as timeless and flexible that it practically grows. This is ensured by the modular construction principle all modules can be changed at any time without any hassles and recombined. So no limits of the imagination: the boxes can for example as a room divider from the play area the sleep, create storage space under the roof or be used as a mounting for the desktop.

All modules are so stable and insensitive that they can survive even the wildest games and handicrafts. The massive tunnel made of beech wood have rounded edges and oiled surfaces. The white surfaces of the furniture are easily structured and coated with melamine resin. Thus, they are particularly scratch-resistant and can easily get rid of felt-tip pens or chalk strokes, adhesive residue and stickers. Fantastically sleep bedroom! If the bedroom should be a place of relaxation, the institution must offer more than pure space.