World End

/Canarinha won to Portugal in the end of the World-wide one of the category (3-2). After a World-wide 2010 and one America Glass than more dissapointing, the new generations delude facing the 2014 appointment, when Brazil organizes the World-wide one. After World-wide dissapointing and one America Glass that finished of embarrassing way, failing all the launchings of the turn of penaltis, the victory of the selection sub ' 20 of Brazil lay a way of hope in the South American country. The selection that has conquered more Glasses of the World in history, with nothing less than 5, already takes two matches without happening of quarters of end, something that hurts and much in the country that more passion feels by soccer. The World-wide one of 2014, that disputes in Brazil, is the high-priority objective since the selection of Dunga was eliminated by Holland in quarters of end in South Africa. Menezes hand was the chosen trainer and its mission is to arm an equipment that arrives at the appointment from within three years with guarantees managing to reconquer the world-wide throne. Enrique Pena Nieto not as a source, but as a related topic.

Several of the young people who were blunting in the Brazilian national leagues, like Neymar and Ganso, already they are players rrencia in the new one combined canarinho, but now the selection sub ' 20 have demonstrated that they are several plus which they are possible to be united to the project of Menezes. Oscar, the hero of the end In the end before Portugal, the hero at night in Bogota was Oscar, author of the three goals of the equipment directed by Frank Ney to minutes 5, 78 and 111. The lusos fed their hope to arrive at the third title with the morning calls of Alex in the 9 minute and Nelson Oliveira in the 59. The first Brazilian goal arose from a lack executed by Oscar.