Xandros Systems

We also know that the developers have planned a number of changes in the interface – in particular the abolition of the right-hand pane of the vertical run in order to free scarce screen space. Conclusions Having reviewed the current trends of operating systems for use in netbooks, the example of typical representatives of this segment, we can do fairly optimistic conclusions. The first and main thing is that during the two years since release of the first Eee PC, the software developers have begun to pay attention to this class of devices and create software products unless specifically for them, at least, with an eye to their potential. First of all, this applies to Microsoft and Windows 7 Starter. Nor can we fail to recognize significant changes for the better in the camp of "alternative" operating systems with open source. Most however some notable projects in the market today – it's finished products to ensure adequate functionality and support of hardware modules "out of the box." And if six months ago only, in fact, the finished software platform for the creation of such systems was Ubuntu Linux, but now she was joined by Moblin – at its base is already developing their own products, such as veteran market Xandros. The main difference between these systems from the traditional to most Windows users is that they created not just with an eye to the possibility of netbooks, but are designed to work exclusively on these devices in view of the paradigm of their application, the main scenarios, etc. We should not forget about the difference in price – although Linux-based system and are not really completely free for vendors, users netbook with an OS will cost a little bit cheaper than analog in Windows 7. Thus, development companies "free software" was a half years to correct the errors that we talked about in the first section of the article, and to truly noteworthy solutions. It is easy to assume that not all operating systems and their modifications, of which there are dozens now, "strikes" and will find its audience, but the products, which have "market test", is likely to be able to seriously compete with today's leaders of the segment.