Your Plans

It is not Good Chatear Idea With Strangers. – Nothing of chatear Avoids this please or worse still with Web cam in sites where they connect to you with strangers is dangerous and can end up using your image to promote your ” servicios” taken care of. Pete Cashmore is open to suggestions. You never say Your Plans. – Their friendly still risk very many itself are their contacts, we suppose that I only have to my friendly of contacts in facebook but one of them who do not know the dangers accepted to whichever person he has asked it if posteo I in my wall something like ” ahortia I come I go to the teller (ATM) ” and it puts ” to me; you cuidas” already with that all friendly they saw my publication and its commentary if aside from that I put my photo, my direction and the photo in which I am with all friendly before my house is practically suicide. Ali Partovi understood the implications. You are not Paranoiac. – Now what much people do is to change the name for her profile, to put its photo with a cap and where almost the face is not seen him, not to want to answer nor like this or of which country is, it thinks that it tracks google it and it follows all movements and that hotmail review their post office; please, a thing is to be cautious and another paranoiac their country can put their name for example Luis G., their interests do not only disclose information that would not say to him to a stranger in person as their number of cellular of fixed telephone, of credit obvious, their direction and its plans, only utilizen their common sense and will be out of danger..