Month: January 2011

Targeting Content

You use the white space in the design of your pages Pages containing white space are more attractive to their readers, not overloaded with information, invites the readers of your pages to take an interest in the content of your page from the first impression. Try placing ads in both the top and bottom of your pages using this technique, you will have two opportunities to get a click while your visitor reads your page. This ad distribution was not allowed at first, but now is invalid. Use the top of the left column of your pages to place your ads in that position is more likely that your ad is read, because the human eye is accustomed to read from top to bottom and from left to right. Try different keywords in the text of your links (Anchor text) The change the text displayed on your links, or "anchor text", alters the level of relevance of the ads displayed on your page in relation to its content. Embeds your ads on the content of your page. The visitor to your site more easily notice your ads, making the content of your page is about your ads, thus, increase the chances of obtaining a clck. Use section targeting Through the use of "Section Targeting" Google can guide the identification of the subject of our pages indicating which content segments should consider and which not.

The Monitoring Criteria used channels enable us to know how effective are the different types of ads in different positions allowing us to assess our pages in a personalized manner so you can know what changes are what give us the best possible performance. The techniques mentioned above are just some that you can use to improve your profits from Google AdSense ads, apply them in your pages and soon you'll see your income increases. You can make lots of money on the Internet, it is not difficult once you know how things work. I've been doing this for several years with incredible results, of course you need to achieve an excellent program, system or course to teach you. Never before, making money online is becoming more confusing, with many offers to choose from where the majority are not worth it or are cheating, and unless you have all the time and money in the world to try them all, basically you'll be walking in circles to realize that you're still in the same place and you can lose a lot of money.