Month: March 2013

Pipe Steel

Bends steel are the most common and popular products from the entire range of fasteners designed for pipelines. This product serves to establish a connection between the pipes. Taps are used in steel works with tubes of identical and different diameters can also be used to connect two pipes at a certain angle. In colloquial speech, withdrawal is often called the "knee". According to the method of manufacturing pipe bends can be divided into stamp-welded, bent, steeply curved, segment (sector).

In the manufacture of stamped steel bends used method of stamping products from the steel sheet blanks, followed by welding longitudinal seam. Such technology is mainly used for production of elbows with sufficiently thick walls and large diameter. Curved bends are made from cuts pipe of suitable diameter using Pipe bending machines. These challenges provide an opportunity to join pipes with same diameter required angle. Production steeply curved steel tap – quite time-consuming and energy-consuming process, compared to Manufacture of taps of other species.

Because they are much more expensive. Production technology consists of multiple pull-out piece of steel pipe through a die with an appropriate form. As you pull blank, it is heated by gas or hdtv (the installation of high-frequency currents). The main difference from the bent branches is that the steeply curved steel bends if necessary, may be a different diameter on each end, allowing them to connect pipes of different diameters. Elbows sector received the most widespread. They can be used to connect two large-diameter pipe at any desired angle. The process of manufacturing segmented bends is to prepare a separate ring segments (segments of pipes) required diameter, which are then butt the desired angle, welding series between a circumferential seam. There is an opportunity to pick up the ring so that each successive diameter was slightly larger than the previous, and manufacture, thus, challenges for the sector joining pipes with different diameters. The main deficiency produced in this way the steel bends, is the inability to use them in the pipeline with a fairly high pressure. As the main material in the manufacture of steel taps are used steel grades 20, 12X18H10T, 10G2, 09G2S, 17G1S and 17GS. The last two grades of steel used in the production sector outlets. High-alloy stainless steel is used in the manufacture of product pipelines for transporting substances aggressive environment. The angle of bending bends steel can be bent at 15, 30, 45, 50 and 90 degrees. In this case, the bending radius is from 1,0 to 1,5 dm dm (DM – pipe diameter). Differences diameter steel bends at the ends, as a rule, 1-2 step if we start from a number of standard pipe diameters. If there is a need to connect the pipes with a significant difference in diameter, mounted in series two or more challenge. Companies that manufacture steel bends in currently meet the needs of any customer details for the connection of pipelines of industrial and consumer groups. Skilled managers will help choose the right type of drainage required, take care of delivery of required parts on time.

Problems And Prospects Of The Market Tractors

Where currently moving domestic producers and to the full extent if the consumer meets the requirements of manufactured equipment? Domestic manufacturers, to continue to work and develop, must produce equipment that meets not only Russian but also international standards. To do this he must invest in technical development of its production in order to raise product quality, on the one hand, and on the other – to reduce its cost. Unfortunately, most machine-building enterprises (and our factory is not an exception in this series) or have no funds for technical development, or have them a bit. We try to spend money very dosed in the right direction. Initially, we adopt new technologies in dyeing, and then created a new assembly and welding technology. Last year we were engaged in improving the quality of products. Plants need to maintain the technical level and quality of its products – this is one direction.

The second direction – need to improve the product, than we were doing all these years. It is understood that those components of the constructs that are outdated and do not meet the requirements of the present time (eg, hydraulics) shall be replaced by more sophisticated. In the tractor hydraulics technology – one of the main components which defines how its reliability and performance. In Russia and cis countries, modernization of plants producing these products are not carried out and no longer exists companies that have produced it qualitatively. We buy almost all the elements of hydraulics abroad.