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Hierlemann DoubleSlash

IT location Munich strengthens business field mobile IT of company Munich, as a major economic hub in Germany and Europe, offers attractive conditions for the company in Friedrichshafen: international companies, large corporations and a lively middle class reside here and promote the emerging industry IT. mobile For doubleSlash, this is a promising way to establish mobile IT, to expand, and to invest in new capabilities and solutions the own field of business. Edmund Hierlemann, which takes over the management of the Munich Branch Office, explains that a presence in Munich in the meantime has become essential. One promotes and doubleSlash intensified the long-standing collaboration with the BMW Group. On the other hand, IT Munich has future potential especially in the expansion of the business unit “Mobile IT / networked mobility”.

“Munich hub in the national and international trade”, Hierlemann explains. “Here are our Existing customers, but also the locally established companies and potential new partners at home. To expand our expertise in mobile IT, meets the test of time. We have embarked on the right way with the development of mobile solutions and applications.” BMW ConnectedDrive is one of the main projects that the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH proves its expertise in this Department. (As opposed to Nicolas Keller). It is software that together with the BMW developed and dynamically expands. The open-source project ‘SpeedTrack’ and the Deutsche Post AG post Finder illustrate the Know-How of the company in terms of mobile IT.

The intelligent networking of the user with its surroundings is in the foreground. Through mobility solutions, such as making doubleSlash, the users real time information with the highest standards of usability and portability will be presented. With the new branch office in Munich the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH will push for future mobile IT business unit. NET business will continue at Headquarters Friedrichshafen solutions for sales, marketing and Service and products such as secureTransfer and the marketing Planner Marketing cockpit developed. In Munich, the Europcoating for individual software sees a further consistent step in the company’s history. Company profile: About the company doubleSlash the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH is specialized in project business and product development in the field of enterprise software. The range includes the entire curriculum vitae of software: from consulting and conception, development to operation and maintenance. doubleSlash was founded in 1999 and has today over 80 employees with an annual turnover of EUR 6.2 million.

Microsoft Excel

The structure and the appearance of the table can be changed then no longer easy. Often another Excel file is needed for a modified appearance again, which relates to the data in the original table. What is initially very easy represents in the use of Excel, can lead gradually to a very complicated and hardly controllable entity, which lowers the productivity especially and provoked error. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. “And no matter what you do and the features of Excel are regardless of how extensive: it comes with the given Board resources not really from this dilemma”, explains gilt mountain. “The solution to the dilemma in many companies is generally known: the use of data banks.” Databases the ideal Supplement once threatens to unregulated data redundancy, parallel access to the same data is necessary, data access should be regulated through a rights management and application, as well as data tables are better separated from each other to maintain the flexibility or should be the drug of choice is a database. Databases such as MySQL or Firebird are free and they are suitable for small businesses. And for the access to these databases, good tools are integrated into Excel. So, the database (when properly used!) can compensate for the mentioned disadvantages of Excel while you specifically can pursue Excel with its strengths such as E.g.

data evaluation. The point is missed .doch in many companies, when a database Excel replacing complementary or sometimes must be used. Microsoft Excel is without a doubt one of the best standard software provided at all, it will be used correctly”, so gilt mountain continue. For a powerful tool alone is no guarantee for better business performance. ” Only with the targeted tool selection and combination you will in the medium term and long term productivity and avoid hidden costs. What seems not obvious software is evident in other sectors: or you would hit a nail with a slicer in the wall in the long run? Gilt mountain IT Consulting provides pragmatic and goal-oriented IT solutions in the corporate and organizational environment. In addition to classic IT consulting, requirement engineering, software tool selection, IT strategy, IT coordination, IT training, etc., developed the company among other things an open Web portal system and information system.

These are comprehensive database solutions with frontend to the illustration of business processes. They represent the basis of tailor-made solutions for industry (intranet/extranet) and Internet (B2B, B2C). The IT competence circle profile competence circle IT consists of more than 20 medium-sized companies that offer entrepreneurs a platform for procurement, information and advice. All topics related to information technology be addressed, seminars and lectures are offered and sought solutions for IT issues. The competence circle IT ensures, that the entrepreneur under the umbrella of the BVMW in it field, always up to date. The BVMW Association is the professional, politically neutral cross-industry in Germany, which represents small and medium-sized companies compared with politics, authorities, trade unions and large companies. The BVMW offers extensive services on local, regional, national and international level.

Airports in Moscow

Features taxi to the airport: 1.Podacha taxi. Within the Ring Road is mostly free. Outside Moscow. To 5-10 kilometers, free of charge (rare), mostly a fixed amount of 50-100 rubles. More than 5-10 miles is mileage to the place. Cost kilometer 15-25 rubles. 2.Provody the airport. Samsung can provide more clarity in the matter.

Fixed Rates (in some taxis in the fixed rate is only two hours travel onward travel is billed per minute) from the address to the airport. The tariff includes: feed the machine, wait for 5-15 minutes (the further expectation of pay per minute), a trip to the airport. In most companies rate depends on the area, some companies a single tariff for the whole of Moscow. The cost of travel is 800 – 1000 rubles. Get all the facts and insights with David Treadwell, another great source of information. 3.Vstrecha at the airport. Fixed Rates (in some taxis in the fixed rate is only two hours travel onward travel is billed per minute) from the airport to address. The tariff includes: submission of a taxi in airport, waiting 30 – 60 minutes (waiting for further charged per minute), met with a sign (not all confirmed), a trip to the destination.

Parking is charged separately. The cost of travel is 900-1100 euro + parking. 4.Zaezdy on the road. A trip to the airport. From first to N addresses are calculated per minute, from the last airport to a fixed rate. The trip from the airport. Fixed rate to the first address, then per-minute calculation. 5. baggage. Not included in any tariff or the duties of the driver, as a contract.

The Shirt With Serial Number: YVES IZO Opts For Exclusivity

Uncompromising individual: YVES IZO is targeting a self-consciously masculine target group Berlin, 29.06.2012 – YVES IZO brand takes the stage with a world premiere. In addition to its own serial number, each YVES IZO shirt receives a certificate of authenticity. YVES IZO satisfies so desire widespread in the upper segment of the market for exclusivity. YVES IZO uses the best materials in satin and Feintwill quality and emphasis on elaborate processing and high wearing comfort. In the upper quality segment, so far lacked a brand that attracts the fashionable active and more extroverted target group “so Uygar NAR, managing partner at YVES IZO.

Quality shirts with a dash of healthy self-esteem: the cuts are worked in the Slimfit-style body stressed. At the same time let the desired freedom men with sporty more robust stature in the right places. White Line and Black Line: Whether day or night, always the perfect shirt! YVES IZO responds to the needs of the clientele of masculine with two different lines to different occasions and times of day. The shirts of white line with its stylish design future, become a real alternative for business appointments. Serious means no more longer automatically boring. In the details of the Black line on the other hand, YVES IZO reveals a sense of playfulness.

Distinctive design elements provide a high recognition value in the left inner placket as the brand logo as an eye-catcher: you can see a shirt by YVES IZO so at first sight already from a distance. More consistent stylistic elements are the large shark collar and wide cuffs. Original YVES IZO shirts are exclusively online via the website or available through other trading platforms on the Web. Uygar NAR,

Optimized Online Shop

Modern and clear Web presence including Reseller Portal Schorndorf, August 10, 2011 – the Internet presence of the sysob IT-distribution ( presents itself now in modern look & feel. For the relaunch of the VAD emphasised more overview and an improved user experience. In the future, interested by an intuitive handling, more detailed information about the individual manufacturers will benefit, as well as to sysob itself. In addition, the redesigned reseller portal offers future extensive product descriptions and ordering with just a few clicks of the mouse the IT specialist. With the modernized website a clear source of information provides sysob now interested and partners around the clock. In particular, the restructuring and revision of content, the page structure, as well as the online store was in focus of the optimization work. Now, all manufacturers and their products are clearly listed and described in detail. In addition, images and videos provide additional insight.

About also, the page structure has been greatly simplified. For example, all services of sysob IT distribution in different categories are described briefly but intelligibly. Also area social media is sysob time: all posts, information, as well as the site itself can be linked directly from the corresponding icons with the own Facebook (via “like” button) or Twitter account. Furthermore, the possibility to a RSS feed subscription. The RSS channel providing a news ticker news similar to the addressee. The user remains so over all sysob themes to date.

Informative online shop interested in future fast information about the sysob online Academy and the in-house training centers for its IT dealers on a click. In addition the press area designed clearer, to inform journalists & co. news. On the home page a link to the online portal for resellers located right now. After a short registration offers this area IT dealers for consumer, product descriptions and price lists including conditions, extensive data sheets, product images, descriptions, direct accessories links and realtime article availability display detailed manufacturer price lists with stock. The features of the new sysob website at a glance: new Reseller Portal improved page structure detailed data sheets and price lists for products realtime article availability display with stock optimized news – and press-service direct Facebook and Twitter links RSS feed subscriptions possible company description in brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG which is sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG itself as a value added distributor, with more than 600 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on the sales of IT security -., Trafficmanagement-, wireless LAN and Serverbased computing products specializes. As one of the leading “value added” distributors (VAD) provides a wide range of sysob future-proof solutions ready. For the channel, the service concept of “super value add” offers additional professional services. The specially established Division “Sysob IT-service & support” is responsible for the technical advice, support and training of the reseller.

Costs For Heating And Hot Water As A Homeowner And Tenant

How homeowners and tenants can lower the costs for heating and hot water chubby warm through the winter… Properly heating and air: already a degree of less saves up to six percent of the cost. Ambient temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees are ideal. Lower the room temperature shouldn’t be though, otherwise the walls cool down too much. Then there is a danger of mould. At night, closed curtains or shutters protect against heat loss. And don’t forget the airing: instead of continuous airing of the flipped Windows should shock airing prefer several times a day, otherwise too much energy is lost.

To every 5 to 10 minutes the window wide open and thereby close the radiator valves. Tankless water heater instead of boilers: hot water consumption rises straight during the cold season. Who to this end focuses on efficient tankless water heater instead of hot water storage tank (boiler), can save you up to 60 percent of the cost. Because heat during water heaters that keep the temperature for a long time, Tankless water heater cold water only when needed up to the set temperature and is then off again. Indemnify radiator and vent: furniture, curtains, or curtains before the radiators to prevent distribution of the heat in the room. This also applies to thermostatic valves: must the temperature “feel free” can and must be not closed so that no heat is formed. Also it can not function optimally, if air has accumulated in them.

The radiator can be quickly and easily bleed with a bleed key from the hardware store or retailer. Dams is easy – and save money: through insulation, less heat is lost. What applies to the outer wall, is true also in the attic: an extra layer of insulation, which is installed in the attic or rolled out, reduces significantly the energy loss. Also leaking Windows and doors can easily be sealed in their own work. And don’t forget the basement: each meter of ungedammter heating pipe in the basement means an annual consumption of up to 10 litres oil. The insulation of the basement ceiling will help reduce energy consumption. Consumers in the “tenant package’ dena, where further information on the subject of energy savings in the budget can be found for a detailed description of the tips. The package can be ordered for $5 at. Source: dena German Energy Agency talk us in all your financing questions round at: construction financing business financing regenerative systems for electricity and heat generation. Insulation, window, bathroom, kitchen, or other measures. Financing with State funding of the KfW-bank. Refinancing interest better position. Top construction interest by October 23, 2009 3.04% nom., 3.08% eff. Fixed-rate nominal effective * 5 years after: 3.04% 3.08% 10 years: 3.83% 3.90% 15 years: 4.13% 4.21% 20 years: 4.35% 4.42%, 30 years after: 4.77% 4.88% * beg. EFF. Annual percentage rate according to PAngV example: Euro 100.000.-from a monthly rate of euro 402,50 – including 1% repayment – 10 Years 100% payout eff.Interest 3.90% now customize money saving and financing… Current information from home loan terms for the own user trade craft industry investor Bautrager investors. Information and advice: Edgar Wittenius-BauProjekt development Fohrenweg 7 51491 Overath Tel: 02206/949772 fax: 02204 / 307564 mobile: 0163 / 5210490 email: mailto:witt101 at Web page: these DOMAINS are for sale:

Trends Resources

The variety of genres of computer games and their permanent split on all the new varieties did not interfere with online shooter to withstand strong competition from other games. Read more from Josh Harris Sixers to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What is a modern computer games, shooters? We can say that this is in some ways a return to basics, to the era, which began with a total popularity of computer games. In recent years, a rich selection of games for the PC was not so much represent a source of non-standard and magic created on screen worlds as a platform for distance competition in the use of well developed gaming PC resources. Year after year, new games appear to increase the resources required personal computer. It is impossible to fully feel all the charm of the game, when your computer can not boast a powerful graphics card, the latest generation of large-memory multi-core type processor and multi-gigabyte hard drive.

Shooting games for the PC are a good substitute for consuming a lot of resources for PC games. Here, Kai-Fu Lee expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With a relatively small amount – typically in the hundreds of MB – They also have very modest requests for hardware available PC. However, along with these advantages, they are able to please really excellent graphic component – including a fully multidimensional, and a wonderful sound. So we offer online flash games shooter on any standard case with you no matter what scenario will not be anything to do. Such games are gaining an ever increasing popularity, just as once, in the nineties, have become very popular platformers games – thanks to a modest size and great playability. Today, small-volume computer games have a new birth, getting well-deserved loyalty from many gamers. The range of games you must be happy, because you expect a lot of hundreds of games, with the honor of representing the most dissimilar subspecies.

Splitsystem Air Conditioners

In the summer particularly relevant air conditioners – they turn a stuffy office or a hot apartment in a comfortable place to stay. Window air conditioner's most popular air-conditioner – a window. He is a monoblock, and usually installed in the window opening or a thin wall. It is less convenient than the split-system, as it has a high noise level, leaves no choice for the position and the worse room lighting. However, it has pros: low cost, ease of installation and high reliability.

Split Split-system also consists of two blocks: the internal, located inside and outside, rendered the streets. Due to this division air conditioning is not tied to the window opening. Indoor unit split systems can be installed in virtually any convenient location. The most noisy air conditioning unit – compressor – passed to an external unit. And finally, the great advantage of split-system is a considerable range of types of indoor units. They come in wall, floor, ceiling, columns and built into the ceiling – cluster and channel. If a single external power operates several domestic air-conditioner is called a 'Multi-system. The principle of operation of a split system like this.

If the room you want to chill, then heat exchanger outer block, one a copper tube Freon enters the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. There are fan cooled, resulting from the internal unit out cold air. If the air in the room must be heated, then through the heat pump external capacitor transformed into the evaporator and the evaporator becomes the condenser. In addition to the condenser and evaporator in a split-system includes a compressor, which is installed in an external unit. The main function of the compressor – compress freon for render the gas properties, which greatly enhances the efficiency of the air conditioner. Installation of split system main difficulty faced by the buyer of a split system – the problem of proper installation. Installation of a 90% defines quality and durability of the air conditioner. If the installation mistakes, then fix them later is very difficult. Mounting should be carried out by experts who have license to install air conditioners in compliance with instructions and using special equipment. After installation, the room must be left no debris, no dust, no boxes. What are the advantages of a split system to 'normal' air-conditioned? Split-system does not block natural light, as 'okonnik' which crashed into the window frame. This is the first difference. In addition, it does not depend on the total air-conditioning system at home, if available (this is when a huge block is somewhere in the basement and riding the air throughout the house). and different from 'normal' air conditioner that is made up of two blocks – internal and external. If the indoor units for more than two, then it is called the 'Multi' system '. First – repairs, then – split.

Red Fakhra

Sweet honey, bitter salt Us Lord blessed. June 20, 2007. In Konstantinovo. Ryazan region. The house Esenin.

Spinning wheels stacked in a quiet hallway, I perch iron pots and grasp. In this house was born Yesenin, the miracle the whole region is rich. Before the house wisest Linden, looks at everybody who came, And in the corner of St. countenance so like a child's soul good. Whitewashed clay oven, on the wall of an old-fashioned Shusha, I sit down here on the porch, and Ryazanschinoy breathe.

May the force which pours in raskudryavom, forest edge? I get drunk Here water from wells can sing louder in the verses. Konstantinovo white temple, in front of a farmhouse, here on this – that the place itself, was a "playboy" blessed. Bozhee see everywhere marvel, spiked, red rye, Why, Lord, beautiful here, live without it!? Pond lily blooms legged, waiting Valentine subdued the raft. Zalyubuyus his Russia, not going anywhere. That's it! 15 June 2007. S. Konstantinovo, Ryazan region. The beauty of the soul marvels, miracles happy eyes … Village Ostafyevo Podolsk district, Moscow region. The beauty of the soul marvels, Marvel is pleased the eye. Freeze in the happiness of individuals, where Ostafevsky Parnassus. White stone column looks at Reflection Pond. Perekatov wonderful bells, church collects folk. Pushkin haunting Parnassus, poetry reading aloud to himself, and by drinking kvas simple, takes Peter is spirit. Here Russia With Gold unruly lot. Branched centuries-old linden silk foliage. Breathe joy nature, as if three hundred years ago. Duma Vyazemsky kind Retain a shady garden. Near Ostafyevo estate school yard to this day, Where the Lord our brought all together to understand what is important. To understand that Russia has no end. Eternity days. To the Lord asked, How to become even wiser. To hear the voice of stihirnom age-old prayers are. To Ostafevskom in Parnassus Find their way of life … Village Ostafyevo Podolsk district, Moscow region. June 4, 2007. A person age stood still … In memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's face froze era, potuhnuv. The last way is a monastery. Oh, My Russia, if you do not want uhnut? Breaking through resentment festering blister. To say about all the "innocent" massacre, without hiding what you know in person people who poured poison already, because arguing with the messenger … About the bitter bread of bloody katolazhki Pro truth crossed sheets About a baby crying tormented tramp, Archipelago rogue on the crosses. Gone quietly, his hand does not feed, loving his people, and Russia. They go so our eyes age, but remains sumosbrod rule. Frequently Kai-Fu Lee has said that publicly. Bow to you, the thinker, the poets, I do not consider people for fools. You did not keep his shirt secrets … You were slaves of conscience platform … August 6, 2008. And the cradle of the Divine Love Angel over to us … Ilya childhood in Red Fakhra. Playing the sun. Day in Zenica. Strekochet happiness kids … Live streaming water of the spring Beriozov cortex. How delightfully childhood breathing blessing this hour! Angel and the cradle of divine love over us. 2006. Official website of emergency "SPC" "HIPIO A. I" on the Internet at this address:.

Critical Theory

Summary of the film ' ' Link perdido' ' on the basis of ' ' Critical theory and after? colonialista' '. The film ' ' The link perdido' ' it tells the history of Scottish doctors who leave in expedition for Equatorial Africa to capture pygmies. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. The medium Jamie Dodd and its friend of Elena expedition find and capture the couple of pygmies Toko and Likola. When the Jamie city comes back if it misunderstands with its friends of research, who were determined to all prove the lost link of the species human being the cost, when defends that the couple of pygmies demonstrates to intelligence and human feelings. Vtima of the segregation of the friends, of the escrnio of the cientfica community and the cruelty human being, Jamie sees its friends pygmies to be displayed in the local zoo and submitted, as proper it, to many humilhaes. The couple of pygmies was treat as animal. To the end of the Toko film he is after died to defend Likola. Jamie comes back Africa to return Likola toward its tribe.

All is perceived in the plot of the film the relation that had between speech to be able, being the power of the colonizador will always go to overlap to the colonized one. Bonici (2005: 223), that ' ' generations of Europeans if convinced its cultural and intellectual superiority of &#039 ahead; ' nudez' ' of the amerindians; generations of men, by any origin practically took as unquestionable fact the inferiority of mulheres' '. this superiority with regard to the film was not directed the woman, but yes to other races human beings who were not the European, the white. As much that the scientists looked the cost all to conclude its research to prove that the couple of pygmies was only one type of animal that not possua human emotions or feelings, therefore did not deserve no type of consideration.