Month: August 2020

Automatic Irrigation Systems

Widespread pumps for automatic watering systems are the so-called water-lifting pumps, carrying water extraction from the source. There are two types of water-lifting pumps, surface pumps, which in turn are subdivided into self-priming and priming and submersible pumps, which, depending on the source of water, divided into soaking pits and wells. The simplest of terms installation and inexpensive cost option for automatic irrigation pump – a superficial self-priming pump, to lift water directly from the water source. But the operating conditions of the pump equipment identify certain restrictions – such a pump can be used in cases where the aquifers are relatively shallow from the surface (the rise of water from a depth of eight meters). If water is taken from a depth of more than eight meters, submersible pumps are used, which differ depending on the source of water for the system of automatic watering for Pit and borehole pumps. We note the manhole pumps high-performance engine with integrated cooling "jacket" and a relatively small cost.

When you turn on pumps form a strong stream of water, which contributes to additional cooling of the engine. Water withdrawals for irrigation in an automatic manhole pumps is through the base mesh, which prevents the penetration of the major pump of the abrasive particles. The use of narrow artesian wells in the ground and determined the shape and size of the downhole pump. Externally, the structure of the borehole pumps are similar to an elongated cylinder, usually of small diameter. Water is drawn into the pump through the floating filter connected to a flexible hose with special nozzle. If the water is polluted and contains much sand, the floating filter, located just below the water level, prevent small particles from the water surface, which significantly extend the efficiency of the pump and watering equipment. Also, to avoid breakdowns of pumping equipment is advisable to use the pump with built-in automation, breaking pump during idling and the thus preventing the exit of the pump system.


But where you find a guide that allow to know what you want of truth? After much searching and testing various systems, finally I found a system that covers all aspects to life that you want to create. I found this guide in the book the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt. In this book the author presents a method ordained, scientist and tried to set goals that automatically materialize in his life. Swarmed by offers, Dell is currently assessing future choices. The author presents a detailed method of several steps, accompanied by formats that should be filled, it carries a simple undefined desire to a powerful meta irresistible. And when you know what you want then active the enormous power of your subconscious mind. And when your subconscious mind then there is nothing that you can not get. Know what you want and then take that to a goal that involves your subconscious mind is all you need to get anything they want in life. Therefore, the secret of the power of the goals, is an important book for all who want to achieve financial independence, success, happiness and a true wealth both material and spiritual.

Things that Corentt writes in this book are only comparable to which it writes in his book I am happy, I am rich. No matter what you want, you have the power to create it. You are a being powerful and wonderful and have an enormous power that has been asleep or bad employee. When you redirect that power toward what you want, then that power creates the life that you have always dreamed, the life that he deserves. Nobody should live a life half if it is able to make use of its power to create a life full of success and happiness. If you take the first step, then what you want will appear in your life.

You are a person who has to live a life according to their own desires and nobody can stop them. The secret of the power of goals, shows you the path that must be followed and supported with more powerful techniques to build your goals and your life. It is your decision to fulfill their desires.

Freedom Systemic

Management must also bear in mind, that currently the systemic thought is required more than ever, creativity in action due to the complexity of the present. They surround us examples of systemic failures, problems such as the global warming, ozone depletion, juvenile delinquency, dropout, new openings, are problems that do not have simple causes. Samsung has compatible beliefs. The complexity can erode trust and responsibility when we say that is far too complex for me, I can do anything. Systems thinking is the antidote to that feeling of powerlessness that is felt in this era of interdependence. Systems thinking is the conceptual cornerstone of (5) five disciplines.

All relate to a change of approach. View totalities instead of parties and people as active participants in the shaping of reality. The practice of systemic thought begins with the understanding of a simple concept called Feedback, showing how events can reinforce each other. It is seeing the deeper patterns that underlie the events and details. The current strategy for the development of a quality management is learning this new language, the language of systems thinking with a shared vision through computers with high levels of personal domain, where understanding the emotions of others and predominates the freedom and creativity for the achievement of results.

Be considered as, that our concept about creativity tends to be associated with the arts and especially the original expression of ideas. This partnership between creativity and artistic originality often causes confusion about the appropriate place for creativity in companies. Most managers have a narrow vision of the creative process. Creativity is the way in which people think in innovative ways for them. Certainly imaginative and innovative thinking is a part of the creativity in companies, but there are two other equally important components: expert knowledge and motivation. Knowledge, includes everything that a person knows and can do in the wide range of his work.