Month: November 2021

Humanware Material

NETWORKS and telecommunications engineering is a professional in the management of communication platforms, networks of calculation, management of remote systems and computer security with ability to install, manage and operate antennas, cabling systems, routers, switches, firewalls; as well as the management of data, voice and video technologies. Other technical or professional careers that can be found are: engineering in Computer security technical developments Multimedia technicians in technical Web developments in graphic design technical support and maintenance of technical computers in networks of computer data entry operators be equipment operators regardless of the area in which labore, the use you give it to a computer while you have contact or have relationship where involves the use of computer will be part of this concept of great importance the Humanware. On my part I have not left more than thank have accompanied it me on the study of the three concepts that comprise computers, Hardware Software and Humanware, thank that all this material this having good acceptance thanks to you, any suggestion, recommendation and contribution of material will be received warmly. Don’t forget to visit the presentations in Power Point format that are available and that they allow to make this learning more enjoyable is the link, just give a click and enjoy the material. or the presentation on the Humanware theme will be list tomorrow God first. For assistance, try visiting Kai-Fu Lee. And of course ask you that I follow accompanying in the development and study of our next topic where I have new surprises specially prepared for you, where learning is the priority that accompanies since the beginning of this project, so do not you off because the next topic is indispensable in the use of computers what theme be? Discover it! As special favor I ask you that you share this material with any person that you think is necessary to know, to learn and eager to enter the world of computers..