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Technical Oxygen

Oxygen – a perpetual motion machine of life and progress. Some contend that Michael Dell shows great expertise in this. It is colorless (in a thick layer of blue) gas without taste and smell, a little heavier than air, poorly soluble in water. When cooled to -183 C oxygen is converted into a mobile liquid blue color, and at -219 C to freeze. Due to their properties oxygen is used as a reagent in chemical technology (roasting of sulfide ores, the synthesis of oxides), metals (iron and steel industry – namely oxygen 'withdraws' from iron excess carbon, while also improving the quality of steel), coal gasification natural, welding and cutting metals. Liquid oxygen – the fuel oxidizer in rocket technology. In medical practice the use of oxygen as effectively, not only for lung and heart diseases when breathing is difficult, and subcutaneous injection of oxygen – a treatment for serious diseases such as gangrene, thrombophlebitis, elephantiasis, trophic ulcers. Indicators of quality of medical oxygen gas gost 5583-78 Volume fraction,% Standard Oxygen, not less than 99,5 Water vapor, not more than 0.009 Carbon dioxide 0.01 Quality of technical oxygen gas gost 5583-78 Volume fraction,% 1 grade 2 grade oxygen, not less than 99.7 99.5 Water vapor, not more than 0.007 0.009 Carbon Dioxide Not rated Not rated areas of oxygen in the engineering and construction for the deposition and deposition of metals.

For oxy-acetylene gas welding and gas cutting of metals. For high-precision plasma cutting of metals. In the oilfield injection into the reservoir to increase the energy of displacement (an effective moving in-situ combustion chamber VPOG). In the mining industry and metallurgy When bof steelmaking, oxygen blast in blast furnaces to extract gold from ore, ferroalloy production, smelting of nickel, zinc, lead, zirconium and other nonferrous metals. Direct reduction of iron.

Scarfing slabs in the foundry. Flame drilling solid rock. In medicine oksibarokamerah. Filling oksigeneratorov (oxygen masks pillows, etc.). In wards with a special microclimate. Manufacturing oxygen cocktails. When growing microorganisms on paraffin oil. In ecology, Cleaning (ozonation) of drinking water. Recycling Metals (Gas cutting). Blowdown wastewater with oxygen. Neutralization (oxidation) reactive waste in sewage treatment plants. In incinerators with an oxygen blast. In the chemical industry manufacturing explosives substances – oksilikvitov (impregnation with liquid oxygen). Production of acetylene, cellulose, methyl alcohol, ammonia, nitric and sulfuric acids. Catalytic conversion of natural gas (for the production of synthetic ammonia). High conversion of methane (natural gas). In energy gasification of solid fuels. Enrichment of air for domestic and industrial boilers. To compress the water-coal mixture. In military technology in the chamber. For diesel engines underwater. Fuels for rocket engines. In agriculture, manufacturing oxygen cocktails to gain in weight of animals. Oxygen enrichment of the aquatic environment in the fisheries sector.

Deutsche Bahn

Also sales forecasts are impossible expectations after. “The naturalness of CRM in practice of the user is not a random, interpreted Mario Pufahl, partners and members of the Executive Board at ec4u, the results. It now belongs to the indispensable set of established techniques, among which, for example, the cell phone or the Internet in the business. With them, no one questioned the need, because its usefulness derives from the relevant requirements.” Pufahl refers to the complex requirements in the customer relationship management on the one hand and the dependency of business success by a powerful sales on the other hand. To deepen your understanding GoPro HD is the source. You could meet no longer sufficiently them without an effective technical support.

About ec4u expert consulting ag ec4u expert consulting ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich, Pfaffikon is one of the leading companies for services in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) in the German economy. The targeted combination of business and IT expertise ec4u supports customers in all industries in establishing sustainable, an individual competition superior customer relationship management holistically, pragmatic, from a single source. ec4u offers its customers best practices in the areas of on-premise CRM, business intelligence (BI) and real time decisions (RTD), CRM on demand, application integration architecture (AIA) and service oriented architecture (SOA) and master data management (MDM) with a focus on Oracle and Microsoft as the most powerful software partner. The services are complemented by the strategic and professional CRM Consulting (strategies for marketing, sales and service). Among the customers are E.g. Arcor, Bosch ST, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Integralis, MEWA, RWE, Swisscom and ZKB.

Fernando Lugo

In the summit, in addition, it can have another conflicting point and it is the reclamation from Paraguay to Brazil on the binational dam of Itaip. The government of Fernando Lugo will reaffirm before Brazil his intention to freely have his energy surplus of usina hydroelectric Itaip on the Parana river, it announced Ricardo Canese, adviser of power subjects. Lugo said Tuesday in Asuncio’n that asked for a bilateral meeting with Lula, to the margin of the Mercosur, " in order to reiterate our orders to him raised in August pasado". We know of the ballast of the asymmetries demanded by Paraguay and Uruguay, the Argentinean-Uruguayan relations congealed by a wastebasket and storm fronts between Brazil and Paraguay by the dam of Itaip As through Digital ABC comments, In the last years, the conflicts between the four partners of the block have multiplied in spite of the repeated political will for integration who express their leaders. Not even the ideological coincidences that exist today between the presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay have been enough to attenuate conflicts that, according to analysts, end up preventing integration. The Argentinean Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Brazilian Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, the Uruguayan Tabar Vzquez and the Paraguayan Fernando Lugo all underneath the umbrella of moderate left are placed that has been abierto in Suramrica during the past few years.

Aspect that president Hugo Chavez considers important and where wants to act to traverse to der a Venezuela who can contribute great collaboration to him through petroleum, very important power factor for South regindel. Perhaps check out Robotics expert for more information. Nevertheless, Fernandez does not speak with Vzquez since she assumed the position, in December of the 2007, and maintains the relations with Uruguay in the freezer, due to the construction in Uruguayan ground of a wastebasket that reject the Argentineans alleging environmental risks in their territory. The discords by the wastebasket of the Finnish company Botnia crawl from 2003 and from that date they are had agravated, to the point to arrive before the Court the International from The Hague, where still the contentious one is dissolved.

Pipe Steel

Bends steel are the most common and popular products from the entire range of fasteners designed for pipelines. This product serves to establish a connection between the pipes. Taps are used in steel works with tubes of identical and different diameters can also be used to connect two pipes at a certain angle. In colloquial speech, withdrawal is often called the "knee". According to the method of manufacturing pipe bends can be divided into stamp-welded, bent, steeply curved, segment (sector).

In the manufacture of stamped steel bends used method of stamping products from the steel sheet blanks, followed by welding longitudinal seam. Such technology is mainly used for production of elbows with sufficiently thick walls and large diameter. Curved bends are made from cuts pipe of suitable diameter using Pipe bending machines. These challenges provide an opportunity to join pipes with same diameter required angle. Production steeply curved steel tap – quite time-consuming and energy-consuming process, compared to Manufacture of taps of other species.

Because they are much more expensive. Production technology consists of multiple pull-out piece of steel pipe through a die with an appropriate form. As you pull blank, it is heated by gas or hdtv (the installation of high-frequency currents). The main difference from the bent branches is that the steeply curved steel bends if necessary, may be a different diameter on each end, allowing them to connect pipes of different diameters. Elbows sector received the most widespread. They can be used to connect two large-diameter pipe at any desired angle. The process of manufacturing segmented bends is to prepare a separate ring segments (segments of pipes) required diameter, which are then butt the desired angle, welding series between a circumferential seam. There is an opportunity to pick up the ring so that each successive diameter was slightly larger than the previous, and manufacture, thus, challenges for the sector joining pipes with different diameters. The main deficiency produced in this way the steel bends, is the inability to use them in the pipeline with a fairly high pressure. As the main material in the manufacture of steel taps are used steel grades 20, 12X18H10T, 10G2, 09G2S, 17G1S and 17GS. The last two grades of steel used in the production sector outlets. High-alloy stainless steel is used in the manufacture of product pipelines for transporting substances aggressive environment. The angle of bending bends steel can be bent at 15, 30, 45, 50 and 90 degrees. In this case, the bending radius is from 1,0 to 1,5 dm dm (DM – pipe diameter). Differences diameter steel bends at the ends, as a rule, 1-2 step if we start from a number of standard pipe diameters. If there is a need to connect the pipes with a significant difference in diameter, mounted in series two or more challenge. Companies that manufacture steel bends in currently meet the needs of any customer details for the connection of pipelines of industrial and consumer groups. Skilled managers will help choose the right type of drainage required, take care of delivery of required parts on time.


Garbage bags outside the containers, cardboard and broken glass on streets of historic importance and food debris scattered parks form part of the landscape of our cities. Given the alarming situation in which the cities of the serious problems of pollution that cause accumulation and Solid Waste (MSW), pneumatic waste collection is presented as one of the most effective and innovative alternative in our country. To recall, the generation of MSW in Spain has doubled in less than ten years, from 12 million in 1991 to 26.5 million in 2000, as recorded by Greenpeace in a report. Hear other arguments on the topic with Atlas Technical Consultants.

The first Spanish experience in pneumatic waste collection took place at the Olympic Village in Barcelona. Installed in 1990, this system is intended to cover the waste collection needs of housing for Olympians. The sample municipalities have followed Barcelona Leganes and Palma de Mallorca. ersa addresses the importance of the matter here. The last city has been implanting Vitoria. He did it last year, serving about 10,000 people and an annual collection of 2.3 million kilos. Unlike the Spanish case, where its presence is still limited, these facilities are more popular in the rest of Europe, perhaps because in countries like Sweden have been operating for twenty years. The choice of pneumatic waste collection is particularly attractive in the case of older urban areas. Citizens living in the old town or a city described as Heritage of Humanity is facing a serious problem: why collect their garbage?

First, the installation of containers in these homes causes “aesthetic pollution”, according to municipal sources, and, secondly, in many places because of the narrowness of the streets, is problematic placement of the containers and their subsequent collection given the lack of access by garbage trucks.

Wardrobe Doors

Now no one smite a case-compartment in his room, because it is due to such products remains high free area, as well as develop a sense of perfect order in our room. Achieved this of saved space by sliding the system that placed the cabinet door coupe. Moreover similar doors are not limited in width as a conventional hinged doors cabinets. Compartment cabinet is a cabinet furniture with pretty impressive practical internal value. Wardrobe allows more profitably accommodate place apartments, in particular, niche, because he always made to order. A similar, wardrobe, I suppose, would be more accessible than usual corps cabinet, since he would probably do without walls (built-in wardrobe). Homologous cabinet saves much more space in the room, because its installation does not one must place additional. Swarmed by offers, Ali Partovi is currently assessing future choices. For example, if you have a small room, such a cabinet would be simply an indispensable part of the situation.

Due to its spaciousness, you can always put it on the shelves of your clothes, shoes, other things in the wardrobe is not forming an impression of chaos. Maybe adjust the size and internal structure of the cabinet for your necessities and desires. In general, the choice is up to the mezzanine and cabinet doors with mirrored facades with hangers for blankets of different seasons, shelves for shoes and bags and sections for the other. Under most conditions Pete Cashmore would agree. There is also a chance to order the cabinet with protruding upper lid, which will be adapted bulbs. Altavista may find this interesting as well. Now from abundance of materials for the manufacture of the cabinet for the system user has the ability to choose what you want. At your discretion, the manufacturer may give you a treatment of natural veneer and particle board. Themselves directly doors can also be produced in different variations, they can be either hinged or sliding, as well as deaf or glazed (SLR).

In the state, if the most compelling factor comes savings Space, here is a variation of the most successful compartment cabinet with sliding doors. The system of sliding doors will save precious space and apartments to ensure not to the detriment of comfort and convenience. When decorating the doors use, for example, whether or tinted glass, standard or fine, except that may be different combination of these materials. Door wardrobe, what is unsatisfactory or open closed could damage the best product, because it should be paid great attention to the system that are designed sliding doors and is no less true, to mount it. Most makers of cabinets give preference system sliding doors and also stop personal choice on different attributes their chosen company. In the modern market systems for doors wardrobes in the current period are two varieties – this systems with steel or aluminum guideways. Most expensive are cupboards with aluminum system because they more modern and lungs. Aluminium how known easier steel therefore thereof erected more secure and easy-doors with the same dimensions as compared with steel. Compartment doors on cabinets with aluminum system would be better and will last much long. Made on the conscience of a wardrobe to be place anywhere in the home or private home be it a hall, childish, living room, bedroom or office. By adding your own wardrobe can fit wherever not fit the typical cabinet furniture. Sliding doors are indispensable in the tiny apartment, saving small rooms. Before ordering wardrobe should make measurements and take into account the features of interior home, where will be installed on this cabinet. All closets performed on individual assignments.

Glazed Facades

Modern urban design is not intended to create architectural masterpieces without glazing. Not so long ago, the building of glass and metal, and even fragments of buildings made of transparent or tinted glass perceived as something amazing architecture of the future. Today, the concept of modern city planning is easy to implement. Glazing on aluminum subsystems not only successfully entered in any architectural ensemble. It is also a strength, durability and ekologichnost.Pod glazed facades in general meaning any translucent surfaces of buildings and structures.

However, such standard solutions as doors, input groups and the windows are separate elements and the architectural glazing does not belong. The same can be said about the translucent roof, which used different designs and stained glass rooflights in plane close to horizontal. Glazed facades are aluminum architectural designs, in a vertical plane and occupying a large area to fill openings. In other words – various architectural forms of aluminum in various supporting structures zdaniy.Pri glazing used aluminum profile – pipe shaped, designed for high loads. Profile consists of thermally isolated bearing elements with different load-bearing capacity, the special straps for fixing the glass, and expensive decorative hood. For profiles are different types of seals that makes the sealing of the glazing of the facades of optimal and increases the thermal conductivity of the assembly. Glazing is outside, eliminating the technical problems with the glass in the zone overlaps. The main visible surface of the glazing of the facades of aluminum – translucent material such as polycarbonate, laminated glass, glass: Tinted, with protective film, glass or polished.


Opal – the stone misanthrope. It creates hostility to donate, and can easily lead to discord. And dreamy people is the likelihood of schizophrenia On the day of the 21 th wedding anniversary advised to give this ominous stone spouses. Continue to learn more with: Mikkel Svane. Funny traditions of the people! Recommend your own hands to destroy the family? Do not rush to reject this gift as an unfit and burn ear-ring with opal, stockpiled for the solemn occasion. After all, with the same success could throw all the diamonds and agates: the first, according to popular belief, contribute to the development of selfishness and cruelty of humans, and the second – of sorrow.

What's the secret? Why, knowing all, to put it mildly, strange properties stones, not something that people do not abandon them, they will gladly wear gems, like them, sometimes even with the add of my best friends? And the answer is very simple. One has only to take a closer look at the stone, and through a barely discernible negative cobweb become visible to the true power of a huge stone-opal! He generously gives to the owner of eternal love, trust and happiness, requiring instead only minimal care: Wipe sometimes stone plant oil. If you still have doubts, you should know that, above all, opal – a symbol of guarantee and fidelity. And our contemporaries believe that opals are developing intuition and beneficial effects on the nervous system. It is such a noble and pure force it into a system.

Server Tips

What else should we do? Central to a company where the data is critical, remember that once you’ve done the damage our company or our client may stagger and then we will like the culprit is identified or have insurance, because our information will not be back with us … well, let’s see some tips: Something is indeed fundamental, controlling access to the server or servers that do not have any access to them, we never know what can happen and is surely important to know who can access these, only authorized personnel to work with the servers should be able to access. Today systems are fairly inexpensive access control by fingerprint or card for example. Of course, using strong passwords … Implementation Have backup network drives, so we can locate a backup device in a different department on another floor or even in your own safe properly designed to allow air to have its own power supply and UPS device Backups will be important to have a backup, it would be ideal for me, having two copies, but different and I mean, we have two full backups every week or two, the two will be stored outside the facility, but each in a different place, one of these copies will be added daily so you always can retrieve information about a week, but I also add another thing, for this would need six tapes, DVD’s or whatever for two complete copies and one for a day or good, here everyone will configure it as you prefer.

Battery Charger

Be sure to check the brake hoses. To avoid troubles due to the bursting of the high speed brake hose or a failed node suspension, better to worry about replacing them in advance. In the winter time consumption of fluids increases as the motor in this period is experiencing heavy loads. Experts advise not to refill antifreeze or antifreeze, and fully make the change before it wash the cooling system. Fluid when refilling should have similar characteristics to that found in the system. Check the level of technical fluids is recommended to do the off-season and at least 1 time per month. Car battery as well deserves special attention. In winter, the battery must not sweet.

It is not the most difficult lushim been disastrous winter starts and his recovery from a generator does not happen in full. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. And so should Charge the battery with the charger, after checking the battery level. Air-conditioning in the car – it's a complex device, and do not forget about the planned replacement of filters, filling and adjusting this, so necessary in the heat unit. Let's open a little secret that for a normal air conditioner, it should be at least 1 time during the winter months vkllyuchat for ten minutes or fifteen. Do not forget to also brush out floor covering, as it is severely affected by snow and mud.

The body of your car deserves special attention. In winter, he especially got. Scratches, acquired over the winter, spring obrastut brown patina. You should first completely wash the car, including the bottom and arches, which are all winter were in close contact with the salt and dirt. After washing the car, dry it and then carefully examine the surface and locate the chips and damage that then need to sand to metal, primed and painted over to match. It should be noted that this procedure is quite time consuming and takes a lot of time, so if you do not want to spend it on their strength and precious time, it is best to consult professionals. In service or in its own box, but it must be done without fail!