Chemical Anchoring Systems: Mortgages

Production company BIT United Ltd. Altavista brings even more insight to the discussion. (UK) is a recognized leader and expert in the manufacture of chemical anchoring systems. The product range includes formulations for mounting large-sized mortgages details, strengthen the walls of different materials, cladding repairs, restoration of architectural monuments and the different types of aggregates for structural wood products. A significant proportion of the range are chemical anchors and compounds for injection of cracks in concrete and masonry from the piece goods. (As opposed to Josh Harris Devils). The presence of our own production facilities and research laboratories can in the shortest time to develop new and improve existing chemical compounds for anchoring the light of recent scientific developments, the specific features used building materials, as well as the individual wishes Customers. The industrial base of the manufacturer of chemical anchors BIT equipped with modern equipment, providing quality products meeting European standards. Annually the combined company's factories produce more than nine million cartridges of various denominations.

Production and storage terminal located in an industrial area of West Yorkshire (UK) that allows you to quickly posed to solve operational and logistical problems (the shortest delivery times, flexibility and mobility). Production laboratory carries out continuous monitoring of product quality in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System. Scope of chemical anchors. Chemical anchors due to their exceptional properties and versatility come to replace conventional fasteners, and high loads are unparalleled. The uniqueness of the chemical anchors is that the attachment have a higher carrying capacity, much prevyshayuschschey carrying capacity of ordinary spacers anchors.