Probably everyone heard today about the problems of infertility. Moreover, if female infertility are now trying to heal, then men can be treated seriously. (Source: Samsung). Basically it comes down to putting a large number of tests. First you are asked to be tested for infection, then visit a number of doctors to exclude some congenital diseases, asked to be tested in the clinic (at the place of your treatment) on expensive equipment, and only then will make a "sentence". As a rule, you designate a treatment that will consist of massage and use of certain drugs. This applies to both women and men. In this case, payment for all "services" is not small, and guarantees special no one gives. By and large you can at least be treated for years, making continuous ultrasound to monitor the function of organs and is still one that you will not promise results.

Sometimes people say that you are supposedly quite healthy and continue to shrug. This happens rarely. Tell you a secret that this issue has touched me. At one time I was fascinated youthful illness participation in beauty contests. Then they took me to a model agency, and I drifted head finally. I stopped eating. Altogether.

The day I ate two apples, yogurt, a little salad or soup and drank no more than 400ml. water. That's all. Then did was to replace the little that was eating into the water or juice. Of course my weight is already small, became noticeably falling down.