Lose Weight

Sometimes we just do not realize that the most familiar and simple products to help successfully combat obesity. Consider the examples of such "ordinary miracle" of drinks. It has long been known that the great helps to lose weight green tea. This drink is considered an essential attribute of good nutrition through the whole range of substances in its composition. For example, antioxidants, whose source is just green tea, successfully inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Weight reduction by green tea are due to improvement of metabolic processes – 3-5 daily cups of brewed green tea properly and you lose 35-43% of excess calories per day.

Excellent win overweight and cold water. In order to obtain meaningful results in the correction of weight and shape, you need every day to drink about two liters of chilled water. Researchers have problems losing weight in the U.S. believe that this procedure will allow a daily basis to get rid of 200 calories – the effect they attributed to the energy required to heat it. Importantly – drink cold water before and after meals. Another product very useful for those wishing to get rid of Obesity is milk. Is contained in the cellular calcium catalyzes the breakdown of fats and ultimately helps fight obesity.

Such findings nutritionists say that drinking milk may help Weight Loss: the presence of milk in the diet makes the diet more effective by 30-70%! It remains only to say that we should not exaggerate the advice of nutritionists and carried away gifts Burenok. And that's what you can eat in unlimited quantities and at the same time to increase weight loss, so it's whey protein. Its use in half an hour before meals can reduce appetite for the main meal to eat fewer calories. Suppression hunger is associated with hormonal effects of the product – the researchers conducted an experiment, and all those who drink whey protein before lunch to gorge on a smaller amount of food. At the State University Pennsylvania was conducted by a study which found that eat less are also due to the fresh juice from vegetables. Drinking a glass of vegetable juice before a meal can reduce the amount of calories and meals -135 calories will avoid the fate of up to you to be overweight. At worst a couple glasses of plain water, fresh juice, if not at hand, will not re-evaluate their nutritional capacity.