Paper Bags And What Unites Us

Laminated paper bags: paper bags are made of coated paper with laminating matte and glossy oilcloth, drawings made by the offset. Lamination of paper bags used oilcloth for the lamination. Film layer 25-32 microns. Lamination – a process of coating paper with a protective film, warned him of the destructive action. I roll laminator film is wound from a roll, it would limit the size processed documents to go just wide. Paper bags made out of cardboard: Cardboard is used for strength, also at protective film. Designer cardboard used to make postcards, business cards, and various artistic products, as well as his beautiful paper bags are made of cardboard. Paper bags made from kraft: Net Material brown or white sealed in the main method of screen printing. Kraft is a packaging material. Articles of wood on a par with the production of the film, polypropylene, created for food products (flour, sugar, powdered milk, salt, wine), for books and boxes. According to the similarity of the same paper with synthetic materials – stuff 'breathable', which allows product to perform air exchange, with differences of day or night. It is used everywhere from the paper required high stiffness. Kraft paper makes excellent and reliable paper bags. Paper bags made from Efalina: Reliable pure cellulosic material impregnated for durability. Used paperback books. Comes in two colors: white, blue, red, dark green, light blue, light blue, burgundy, navy blue, beige, camel, turquoise, yellow, violet, gray, gray-blue, black. Result of production – a reliable paper bag.