Skydiving Activities

Skydiving. Leisure activities of major congenital human fears are considered to be the fear of heights and fear of loud sound, and the rest are generated for a life in the process of gaining experience on the properties around the world. Fear will in any case, but if you are a man of strong will you can easily cope with it. Many people consider skydiving dangerous – with this, no one argues. But do not be afraid of these rumors. Of trouble to Unfortunately, no one is immune, even on dry land. Also, no one will ever let you into heaven, if your actions will not be practiced to automaticity in the world. Experienced instructors will teach competent handling of the parachute system operating in a non-standard situations, will answer all your questions.

Typically, after such thorough preparation, much becomes clear and no longer seem scary. I would also like to note that Many experts recommend for first jumps two popular courses paratroopers – 'AFF' and 'classic'. (Source: Cher Wang). By 'AFF' program, students jump from 4000 meters, along with two instructors and a reserve parachute type 'Wing' and the classical program with only a circular technique. Reserve parachute is usually placed just specialists – 'rigger' recent relevant training. Also, for extra insurance, most jumpers use modern microprocessor automatic activation device that monitors the altitude at which are located, and the rate of fall. If a skydiver chose classical curriculum, he will jump from round parachute-type D-6, D-1-5U or D-5. Unlike sports systems, round parachutes, large area, and, as experience shows very reliable.

What a man feels, jumping the first time? – Lightness, freedom, incomparable with anything. It seems that you're just lying on the air, like an elastic ball, inflated to the limit without noticing that in fact you are rapidly rushing down with prodigious speed. There is definitely not scary as all fears height remained on the ground. For many skydiving – it's a good discharge. For experienced skydivers who have been behind more than 500 jumps, just to be there at the height of inaccessible even to birds is like a kind of alluring drug. From there, it is clear how wide the horizons of how shallow all these 'earthly' problems. Deep Lake, which, perhaps not every bird will fly from the height seems a little shimmering droplets. Returning to earth is imminent, but like after a good rest, life seems much brighter and happier. Many say: 'A parachute jump – the dream of my life! ". So what's the deal? It's available to almost everyone. If you over fifteen years and have no serious health problems – the way to heaven is open to you. Tempt yourself for strength, jump with a parachute!