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Interaction Management

CRM-System Quick Sales – this is a perfect information system, which provides automation of client-oriented approach of the organization. It supports all the principles of the company's customer-oriented, and has for this, among other things, such as components of the Contact management (Contact Management) and Activity management (Customer Interaction Management). In this article I would like to try to understand, so who are these contacts and who modern understanding of a client for the company. I really liked the story, Paul Greenberg, about how he worked at ibm in the early 1990's. He was a little puzzled as to how departments designated to each other. If a department to work on Division 2, the charges will apply and spending at the expense of 2. Employees of the department a while called the process of calculation of internal "customers". Then he was unaware of how customers may be employees of the same company, even if they work in different divisions.

Do not they colleagues, friends, etc Nothing like that. They were (and are) clients, even if they are colleagues and friends. Perhaps it is a trifle, importance, perhaps, only for the convenience of accounting, but they are customers. Why? Because the service was provided in exchange for some sort of counter-reward. In addition, the contracting department was entitled to a competitive selection of artist, both among internal departments and to external consulting firms. You can compete both inside and outside! This led me to understand what is happening with the concept of "client." Once I draw the line between what is now called the "client" in the scheme of enterprise customer (B2C – business-to-consumer), and "client" (Client) in the scheme of enterprise-business (B2B – business-to-business), in other words, at the store – the buyers, the company – customers.

CRM Systems

The degree of resistance of both can be reduced by active negotiation, as well as statement of current issues and discuss ways to solve them. The optimum situation is one in which the CRM-system allows employees to share valuable information, not limiting their decisions, and is tool to facilitate the work. Risks arising from the implementation of the CRM-system Implementation CRM-system is always associated with certain risks. The competent manager should be able to identify these risks, assess them and address the best way. In respect of risks with low probability of occurrence of a sufficient measure is to monitor, but the risks to the project results should be possible to reduce or eliminate.

Risks usually classified according to their effect on the outcome of the project, as well as the degree of probability of occurrence of the high and low. One of the main problems CRM-projects is that, despite the successful launch, CRM-system in the degree or another is not taken by employees who are beginning to sabotage its use. Even in a situation where the company already has undertaken certain measures to restructure the management system for strengthening the role of the embedded CRM-system, the results of CRM-project may be irrelevant and not up to expectations. And the obvious reasons for this circumstance can not be determined, but staff will constantly talk about CRM-system deficiencies that impede the work with her. The company's management, however, must be able to cope with this most complex task and do everything to restore CRM-system, its original role.