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How To Choose A Commerical Broker

One of the major requirements of the trader is the right choice trading broker. All online brokers have a variety of differences from each other, one spread below, the other does not, from another computer hangs, etc. Hope any trader – a broker without zamorochek, but is it true? As practice shows is almost impossible at times to put up with certain inconveniences. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Throughout the world, a huge number of different Dealing centers offering services to dealers it seems there are more than 10000, and maybe more, how do make a choice in such abundance trading broker? Set of rules for selecting Dealing Centre: The best trading broker is a one broker who has long been on the market, selling through DTs, existing for several years on the market, you protect yourself from thieves who rely on the 'minute' profits; The longer dealing center in the market, the higher the rate of work. Click Elon University to learn more. And this fact because They have already all screwed, rather than at the counter, where less than a year. An important reason is the availability of licenses for Dealing Centre issued to him by the controlling organization. Also important honesty dc, its presence contact information on the site, phone numbers, addresses, various licenses, bank details and so on See references on the Internet about a particular broker, ask the job of traders on the forums traders.

When contract with a broker vigilantly study everything you sign the contract. The most important point in them is the Terms of Trade. Most new traders pay more attention to the existence and extent of spread, as It is believed that spreads is the main income of brokers, but it is not. Also provided important commercial broker, commercial customers, that it contains everything you need to market analysis.

Electronic Payment Systems

In recent years, quite common so-called 'electronic money'. This is convenient, and fast, and it often happens that you like the product is sold only online. Of course, it's all interconnected, and the rapid development of modern technology (Internet) has led to a huge number of online shops. Thus, the development of electronic money is also gaining momentum. Turnover of electronic money warrants anonymity of the buyer and familiar to us paper money are exchanged on cards, or simply placed on your account.

Most widely used electronic payment systems were still in the 90's of last century. In particular, it was due to the possibility of obtaining credit. Thus, we find that bank card – it is also a kind of electronic money, which represent not only the program so WebMoney. Apart from WebMoney, founder of electronic payment systems company became PayCash, which in mid-2002 launched the project of a universal payment system, Yandex. Later, Russian and Ukrainian economists created a system rbk Money. You may find Ali Partovi to be a useful source of information. At the moment There are two types of payment systems: programs that require installation on your computer, and those who have web-based interface. Mobility, accessibility and security – these are three major advantages of electronic payment systems.