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Splitsystem Air Conditioners

In the summer particularly relevant air conditioners – they turn a stuffy office or a hot apartment in a comfortable place to stay. Window air conditioner's most popular air-conditioner – a window. He is a monoblock, and usually installed in the window opening or a thin wall. It is less convenient than the split-system, as it has a high noise level, leaves no choice for the position and the worse room lighting. However, it has pros: low cost, ease of installation and high reliability.

Split Split-system also consists of two blocks: the internal, located inside and outside, rendered the streets. Due to this division air conditioning is not tied to the window opening. Indoor unit split systems can be installed in virtually any convenient location. The most noisy air conditioning unit – compressor – passed to an external unit. And finally, the great advantage of split-system is a considerable range of types of indoor units. They come in wall, floor, ceiling, columns and built into the ceiling – cluster and channel. If a single external power operates several domestic air-conditioner is called a 'Multi-system. The principle of operation of a split system like this.

If the room you want to chill, then heat exchanger outer block, one a copper tube Freon enters the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. There are fan cooled, resulting from the internal unit out cold air. If the air in the room must be heated, then through the heat pump external capacitor transformed into the evaporator and the evaporator becomes the condenser. In addition to the condenser and evaporator in a split-system includes a compressor, which is installed in an external unit. The main function of the compressor – compress freon for render the gas properties, which greatly enhances the efficiency of the air conditioner. Installation of split system main difficulty faced by the buyer of a split system – the problem of proper installation. Installation of a 90% defines quality and durability of the air conditioner. If the installation mistakes, then fix them later is very difficult. Mounting should be carried out by experts who have license to install air conditioners in compliance with instructions and using special equipment. After installation, the room must be left no debris, no dust, no boxes. What are the advantages of a split system to 'normal' air-conditioned? Split-system does not block natural light, as 'okonnik' which crashed into the window frame. This is the first difference. In addition, it does not depend on the total air-conditioning system at home, if available (this is when a huge block is somewhere in the basement and riding the air throughout the house). and different from 'normal' air conditioner that is made up of two blocks – internal and external. If the indoor units for more than two, then it is called the 'Multi' system '. First – repairs, then – split.

Night Vision LED

Lighting system in the photos and videos in video surveillance system is essential. Many of diffractive optical devices without additional lighting give a very low quality. A highlight in his turn may increase or decrease the characteristics of the observed objects. Low light object can even lead to a false image. All these problems can be avoided by careful application of additional lighting. When calculating the lighting systems are accepted parameters such photo and video cameras like: aperture optical system, the sensitivity of the camera, light spectrum, intensity, etc. Comparison of led and conventional light sources. A.

Spectrum by the spectral composition of traditional halogen light sources like blackbody radiation. Efficiency of halogen lamps so low and declining due to optical komponentov.Diody same are semiconductor devices that convert electricity directly into light. You may find that technology investor can contribute to your knowledge. The effectiveness of radiation in this case is very high, because radiation in the visible spectrum. B. Lifetime Hours Some ordinary light is less than 40 hours. Of course, the greater reliability of LEDs give the running time is over 100000 hours, ie 11 years of continuous operation. However, it is necessary to take temperature range devices. C.

Mechanical stability of LEDs mechanically very stable. Because design of the diode consists of optical fibers by mechanical damage diode is out of work. Well, unless the hammer is not hitting. Such resistance of diodes allows them to use as a light source attached to any moving parts. But, by itself, an optical fiber is not as mechanical fortitude. Therefore, in the bumps and bruises all the same is likely to reduce the light intensity. We offer a large selection of miniature video cameras, including camera with Night Vision LED-backlit display. Cameras in motion sensors and recording on an sd card. Wireless and wired models of street cameras and cameras for home use.

New TVs

The modern buyer, buying a tv, drew attention not only to his quality as a whole, but also by the thickness of the model. Today the company has won a championship Sony – it's a new model of its most subtle, and more precisely 9.9 millimeters. Not so long ago, in the first place was a company Sharp. Its latest model, Production started from the beginning of this year, was a thickness of 34 mm. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. As well, Sony managed to overtake Sharp? It is amazing, but nothing out of the way. It was just like all brilliant. The developers went to the well-known company all the way, adding the new model as a bloc, which placed the 'thickening of its' components, then the lcd tv much 'thinner'. More info: Ali Partovi.

The compounds block the panel is through wireless technology. In general, Sony has proven once again that to be the best does not necessarily reinvent the wheel. Characteristically, when all the showiness of the new items, economically, it has been relatively little costly, because the invention of new technologies is not required. But the profit of the company, no doubt, will grow – many will want to become the owner of the hyperfine tv. In addition, a significant proportion of buyers attaches great importance to the sound. Or rather, there are people who need to keep the house quiet and peaceful, but is it possible, when you want to watch the game your favorite team? Or maybe you love to watch tv at night, when all home sleeping? Came to the aid of wireless headphones. First, this technique was proposed to use only the hard of hearing people. Today things are different.

When have small children, other sounds are not always desirable. Now on everyone's lips products company Philips. Anyone will be able to buy a headset from this company because they always are on sale at all stores of modern technology. The greatest attention should be the latest model of this company – SBCHC8430. Data for these headphones are transmitted through the channel. These headphones – a kind of 'application' to the monitor, they have 15 hours will not need batteries. They are fixed on the head. Maybe not all it's convenient, but in this If there is a wide range of other models, and certainly everyone will pick up what he needs!