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Artfully By Swarovski Rhinestone

So, the appreciation by the glittering splendor of the rhinestone represents fashion goes the claim to have a thoroughly artistic character. Even aside from the earmarking of work clothes or the simplicity of casual wear, this thesis is entirely responsible. You need only to turn its gaze to convince itself that fashion gets more and more the painting of an own art form on catwalks as fashion week in Berlin. Fashion is mainly a playground of creative and so it comes regularly to an interdisciplinary exchange between fashion and real art. Artists from the fields of painting, the graphic or about the sculpture. This clash are fertile, because it creates that visually others whenever a new pictorial language.

While not decisive is whether the pictorial boot is now particularly abstract or more is connected to the mainstream. It is crucial that fashion can reinvent itself so over and over again and this creates ever new enthusiasm. Peter Asaro has much experience in this field. Everyone is talking about the Berlin artist is at the time Anselm Reyle, who did that probably many of his Guild yearn. He must design sunglasses, shoes and bags. And the customer is not any fashion label, it is Chanel. More magic and elegance can muster a word in the fashion industry.

Who must work with Chanel together, may consider that accolade. Whatever the opinion-making media in the form of the major fashion magazines, which can somewhat high hypen or write to decide what ultimately comes out at this meeting between art and fashion, to a large extent. That has always existed. For assistance, try visiting Mikkel Svane. So the thumb of critics about success and failure and partly also determines Casar just as artfully, trendy, elegant and what qualifies as tasteless or just as bad. It will always in the eye of the beholder on to decide what he thinks himself as well, carrying value and as artistic. So wear can spice up to including everyone artistically the serial character of his jeans or his H & M. And that on their own. I’ve been doing this for years. I’m so to speak Chief buyer, trend Scout and Executive Designer in personal Union. And who has a passion for everything fashionable like me, and to have a penchant for creativity, which can do that. Swarovski rhinestones are a common utensil for the modification of my fashion. I love rhinestones. You are in all sorts of shapes and colors. Others who may share this opinion include Darcy Stacom. I buy my rhinestones only online in Internet-shops, including here 12088_deu.html. With Rhinestones you can decorate just artfully everything. Bags, shoes, trousers, the little black dress or evening dress. The variety of the rhinestones allows endless trial and error. The rhinestones are best to apply his hotfix version. Here, a thin layer of adhesive that is liquid at high temperature is at the bottom of the rhinestone stone. So can you press slightly she and can his clothes beautifying so awesome easy himself. In the drab and grey chronic wintertime, you can enjoy quite a bit colorful radiance. It is worth an attempt on all cases. Whether I but now one designed Chanel bag Additionally would spice it up by Anselm Reyle with Rhinestones, I venture to doubt. Also no smiley in a van Gogh painting.

The Shirt With Serial Number: YVES IZO Opts For Exclusivity

Uncompromising individual: YVES IZO is targeting a self-consciously masculine target group Berlin, 29.06.2012 – YVES IZO brand takes the stage with a world premiere. In addition to its own serial number, each YVES IZO shirt receives a certificate of authenticity. YVES IZO satisfies so desire widespread in the upper segment of the market for exclusivity. YVES IZO uses the best materials in satin and Feintwill quality and emphasis on elaborate processing and high wearing comfort. In the upper quality segment, so far lacked a brand that attracts the fashionable active and more extroverted target group “so Uygar NAR, managing partner at YVES IZO.

Quality shirts with a dash of healthy self-esteem: the cuts are worked in the Slimfit-style body stressed. At the same time let the desired freedom men with sporty more robust stature in the right places. White Line and Black Line: Whether day or night, always the perfect shirt! YVES IZO responds to the needs of the clientele of masculine with two different lines to different occasions and times of day. The shirts of white line with its stylish design future, become a real alternative for business appointments. Serious means no more longer automatically boring. In the details of the Black line on the other hand, YVES IZO reveals a sense of playfulness.

Distinctive design elements provide a high recognition value in the left inner placket as the brand logo as an eye-catcher: you can see a shirt by YVES IZO so at first sight already from a distance. More consistent stylistic elements are the large shark collar and wide cuffs. Original YVES IZO shirts are exclusively online via the website or available through other trading platforms on the Web. Uygar NAR,

Shopping On The Internet Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Attractiveness of the offer and the price are the main advantages of online shopping. In the trend – clothes and shoes the same stress buy online chaos in the shops, the scramble, again and again and then the desired piece in your size is sold out. But you can buy clothes now also much more comfortable. In the network. Buy dresses online offers many benefits who ordered dresses online, appreciate the many benefits of online shopping. Range simply browse from home through that, without someone bothering us. In the secret area is also much more convenient to try. We save us lot of time we consume otherwise so to stand in line before the too little dressing rooms and to wait, we finally get to the series.

And then you can decide alone still difficult. You can not always rely on the sellers, because she must motivate us to buy. If you ordered dresses online, it’s try to much you easier to forward, since the newly purchased things with the own can combine and looks so fast, what does not fit us. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. And send them back. The range is much larger, filled with the trends of the last season. Also in the prices, you have it on the net much easier. You can easily compare prices without wasting much time walking from one to the other shop.

No wonder that online shopping in the trend is it saves time and nerves. Shoes order online it is worth! Every woman and many men love shopping. Especially for shoes, you will quickly weak. But even if a perfect pair of shoes will be in stores, you should wait a moment with the purchase. Because you can almost certainly buy the same shoes online and save a lot. Better is the price if you want to buy shoes online? Almost always! If you noticed, that the online shops have to pay no rent and need fewer staff, then that makes sense. The customer could well exploit this benefit. A great advantage if you the shoes before can fit in a business is that you can order the shoes without risk online. If this is not possible, then the online order can become a nightmare. The shoes can then in some cases large – or small run, or it tweaks in all possible places. However, most online stores already offer a return policy, so you can save yourself frustration experiences. So, you can try on the shoes alone at home and if you’re not careful, just return. , If you want to order shoes online discounts are another advantage. Most online stores offer discounts often different. Thus, the online order worth more. All these criteria certainly attract the online purchase. Therefore you should here and there forgo the impulse purchase in the business and better times online have a look. Daria Hamsa

Rack System

Overbeck and friends designs practical objects in the summer design the intelligent storage system from Overbeck and friends is a neat thing. In every room of the House you can store now everything, what should not more obviously lying around. So are the baskets and boxes are manufactured in handmade and woven with high quality plastic band. The skeletons of the folding crates are made of metal. There are a wide variety of sizes, like for example the laundry baskets from different series, i.e. in different colors and designs. These baskets are the largest of the range, but can be also transformed and used in the nursery for LEGO, DUPLO or other toys. Especially for the children there is the toy baskets with lids, they are available in the typical Overbeck and friends design, colorful and friendly, child-friendly, but also on the terrace or balcony the baskets go something.

For the kitchen you can fall back on the smaller basket of Overbeck’s such as the Blumenkorbchen, in which decorative can be kept prima onions and garlic. The rectangular, somewhat flatter cups can be used well in the fridge to separate about the packs broken on from the still closed, so you need to cover the breakfast table to take only the basket with the food from the refrigerator and compact has everything together. Matching can be used also fine the cups for buns. The baskets of Overbeck are ideal to give as a gift. One would like to give a Freesat to collect or birthday, you can use this durable basket to accommodate everything and the donee will benefit long after consumption. Last but not least for the women’s world, the bags are an excellent thing. Great to pack enough all utensils for swimming pool or beach, or to make purchases but also the rugged pockets of Overbeck and friends are in their different sizes. The colorful designs fit to any outfit and let each Woman’s heart beat faster.

Prada Sunglasses

The success history of the family company Prada. It began in 1913 with elegant leather goods. Brothers Mario and Martino Prada produced and sold bags, suitcases, shoes and gloves and put this on quality from the outset. in 1978, the granddaughter and heiress of Miuccia Prada, the company it is today took over. She expanded the product range to a collection of clothing for the creative patterned and colorful like substances at the same time more simple cut and running case are characteristic. The handbag Division learned a fashionable new interpretation, in addition to the classics by Miuccia Prada brought an own model designs, partly made of textile material. The up to date a little in the years lost, somewhat conservative company received fresh momentum. It doesn’t take long, there appeared first plagiarism by Prada designer pieces. It was obvious that Prada someday as well the glasses for themselves discovered. In addition to those to improve the appearance of there of course, Prada sunglasses. Some of them are already classics become and be reissued each year with the usual design. Large, slightly oval and slightly slanting glass inside a framework of medium width. Customers can choose glass in different shades, as well as with the frame made of several colors or patterns make their choice. In addition to this type of model that timeless acts, because he can be slightly each season on the just latest fashion adapted, Prada has more own sunglasses in the program. In the sunglasses online shop are HIT optik.de to see the latest models from the Prada collection and to purchase. The Aviator style inspired and futuristic-looking Sun glasses with wide straps, providing additional sun radiation protection at the sides in addition to its fashionable aspect there is in variable versions. Other models for men and women are less spectacular, but still of high aesthetics and elegance. In addition to predominantly more businesslike designs, Prada has also a women’s sunglasses on sale, whose side bars filled with many fine silver metal studs are reminiscent of rhinestones. To all sunglasses, customers will receive an original Prada glasses case with a Microfiber cleaning cloth. Of course give the lenses 100% UV protection in accordance with the CE-3 rating. In the overview of the Prada sunglasses lists all relevant dimensions of the eyeglass frames. So, customers can determine their matching glasses model online. The total width of the glasses, glasses height and width, nose bridge width and length of bracket are perfectly stored. The measure comparison with existing glasses provides the best personal criteria. The fitting mode of HIT-optik.de is downright awesome: for the favorite model the customer can upload his own photo and see immediately whether the glasses is him. Rudolf Hancock