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Spinoza Nietzsche

Although Spinoza and Nietzsche, to construct to the imanncia its way, respectively its ontolgicos postulates possess in such a way in the practical one as in the ethics, an equivalent point of view, a time that come back toward the action: the ontolgica clause of the imanncia that defines the infinite substance of Spinoza, corresponds to a power to think, to exist. in the same way that in Nietzsche we have the imanncia of the life in the corresponding ontolgico direction the way to live where it favors the affirmation of the life. Spinoza and Nietzsche represent, each one its way, rocks of slip in the triunfal march of the emergent rationality in modernity, as much in its apogee, century XVII, how much in the exhaustion of its potentialities, to the end of the XIX. Its philosophies had dared to think from a perspective that are ece of fish symptomatically to the edge of all the traditional history of the philosophy: the perspective of the imanncia and the affectivity. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. To study the contribution of these thinkers, requires that let us tread an inevitable way, that is to analyze with severity philosophical the crisis of modernity and the proper contemporaneidade, in its continuity and rupture with that one, in order to search innovative alternatives for philosophical, existenciais and social the problems current. As much the dutch philosopher, son of Portuguese parents, Benedictus (or Baruch) of Spinoza (Amsterd, 1632 – Haia, 1677), how much the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (Rcken, 1844 – Weimar, 1900), had been incompreendidos while still alive and had as cursed throughout the history of the philosophy. The proper Nietzsche listed six points of proximity between its philosophy and of Spinoza in its it celebrates letter the Franz Overbeck, postada in day 30 of July of 1881, where it says to have in Spinoza its only precursor, and that from now on its solitude started to be a dualido. . Darcy Stacom, New York City insists that this is the case.

Systematic Methodology

Fill in the blank point in the story of his life, his findings and their discoveries. Maybe it’s for the better? Always nice to find and discover something for yourself. So much mysterious, unexplored. Create, invent, try it. Well, actually, done. During the ten years of practice have some thoughts on the matter, something was settled that a systematized.

The result of this systematic methodology was defined. No need to be afraid of the word – Methodology. This is not an algorithm or instructions on how and what to do. This is not a dry scientific theory, divorced from life. Methodology – a set of system techniques, allowing us to obtain a well-defined and logical result.

What can do with piles of bricks piled up? Little. But knowing the principles of building and being able to lay bricks, we can build a house. What is it? You decide for yourself. In this great value and benefits of stalking from many other systems of self-development. Stalking does not restrict freedom of expression and creativity and does not prescribe how and what to do. There are no rules and dogma of conduct, which the practitioner is obliged to follow. The adoption of any principle as a guide to action – is, above all, a sober, independent and informed choice practices. Way of the Warrior, which is based on stalking – it is rather a set of internal principles and guidelines, which person either agrees or not. Only the inner acceptance and empathy for this or that principle warrior’s way makes it possible to use it in their self-development. It should be noted that the road warrior – this is a very holistic and organic system, each of which is designed to strengthen and balance the individual practitioner. The methods of stalking in a natural way based on open laws and principles of self-development rights. It is, first all, the experience described by Castaneda, and the system outlook Toltec warriors, here are my own discoveries and findings, it is also the experience and findings of other practitioners and is a definite layer of psychological knowledge. Stalking – art and science of consciousness. This creative self-discovery and sober judgments. This is an extremely personal practice, which still allows for a systematization and analysis. We can say that this site is devoted to the theory and practice of stalking. That the practice – ‘is everything’, because a ‘credit goes only action’, probably no one unobjectionable, while also reasonable to understand that relies on this practice, which stands for these or other exercises, guidelines, principles and attitudes towards the warrior. As one talented German physicist Robert Kirchhoff: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory ‘, and Comrade Lenin, to paraphrase comrade Engels:” Our theory is not dogma, but a guide to action. ” I can only join the words of these far-intelligent people.

Contemporary Education

In the truth, you discipline them to all of the school they can and they must be worked in way to form citizens critics, from there to be able to say itself of work to interdisciplinar. 2.5 FORMATION DIDTICO-PEDAGGICA: The PHILOSOPHY AND the EDUCATION CONTEMPORARY a question that guides the education of disciplines in the average education of the public schools of So Paulo, and too much institutions, and that without a doubt perpassa the thought of that if they occupy to teach it is: So that to teach Philosophy in the current days? Understanding the education under the optics of Saviani (2007), we believe to be necessary to the professor in Philosophy of Average Ensino of the public schools of So Paulo, to have well clearly, that one of its tools to be used in the education of Philosophy is the philosophical reflection. For this author, this reflection must satisfy a series of requirements, however, it summarizes in three requirements that seem to be the bases for the philosophical reflection: it must be radical, rigorous and of set. The philosophical reflection must be radical, because is demanded in lower court, that the problem is placed in radical terms, understood the word in its more proper and immediate direction. It is demanded that if it operates a deep reflection, thus if goes until the roots of the problem. The philosophical reflection also must be rigorous, that is, must be proceeded with severity, systematically, placing? if in question the hasty conclusions of the popular wisdom and generalizations that science can try. The philosophical reflection must be of set, wants to say, the problem cannot be examined in partial way, but in a perspective of set, becoming related the aspects of the context where he is inserted. For Favareto (2008) the expectations that involve the education of Philosophy elapse of the necessity to try to cure the deficiencies of the cultural mutations, the technologies and what it reaches the behavior of the people as a whole.

Digital Universe

We go to break of an expression cliche: the virtual world in them involves of all the sides, wants or not, we are inserted in the digital world. Exactly not being original, these affirmations, regarding the current world, portray a situation that has serious implications on our lives and particularly on the pertaining to school environment. It has implications on our lives because, beyond creating a infinity of easinesses for our daily one, for times in them they create problems. Let us take the example of the electronic boxes of the banks. They facilitate very in our lives, but for times, leave in them in the hand.

Who not yet saw front to the electronic box where it appears the ackward message: ' ' terminal inoperante' ' or ' ' it looks to another one terminal' '. That is: the electronic, digital, virtual easiness also is problematic. Foreseeing these situations, in the years 1980 Raul Seixas sang: ' ' The civilization if became so complicated that it was so fragile as a computer that if a child to discover heel of Aquiles/with only palito one for motor' '. the engine of the society is hiperdinmico, but fragile. Repleto of easinesses, but also exhibiting a series of difficulties. Mainly because it depends on a language with which nor always we are made familiar.

But, which or which the implications of the virtual-digital world for the pertaining to school environment? Also they are innumerable. Also a cliche fits here: it has profits and losses. Undeniably! We can say, also, that in function of the virtual world the grandiosidade of the world became small, therefore the enormous distances are to the reach of the fingers. Mouse is enough to clicar one or to type a keyboard that the universes if present, quickly, to our front. Seconds separate in them of a infinity of information, sounds and images.

Nietzsche & Scrates

Scrates father of the philosophy dared to question, it wanted to find answers for questions answered only for myths and that the erudite sofistas if did not worry, Nietzsche also dared to question, but the main difference that Scrates de Nietzsche separates is that Nietzsche beyond questioning it also thought, understood it for few, by the way, it will be that it understood somebody it had opinion formed in determined subjects, and more Nietzsche was very criticizes, in rare texts can read Nietzsche praising a type of system finds such rarities in the Antichrist where it praises the Buddhism and criticizes vehement the Christianity, it simply he does not attack he annoys what it for a vacant and subjective questioning, but looked for to convince the people of its opinion. this really fantastic age, therefore it broke the barrier of the word philosophy it left to influence the search for the truth to offer its truth for the others..

Michel Foucault

Distinct realities, heterogeneous mechanisms, these two specific types of being able if articulate and obey a subordination system that cannot be traced without light in consideration the concrete situation and the singular type of intervention. The important one is that the analyses had indicated clearly to be able that them molecular peripherals and had not been confiscated and absorbed for the State. Necessarily they are not created by the State, nor, if they had been born outside of it, inevitably had been reduced to a form or manifestation of the central device. To be able them if they exert in varied levels and in different points of the social net and in to this micron-powers exist them complex integrated or not to the State, distinction that does not seem, until then, to have been excellent or decisive for its analysis. (FOUCAULT, 1979, P.

XI). One perceives above for this reading, that Michel Foucault does not exclude the power of the State of the relations of being able coexistente in the social environment, but, it contests the hypothesis of that the State would be the central and only agency of being able, and despite the net of being able existing in the modern society would be linked or correspond the results of extension of the state. Contrarily, Foucault believes that the power cannot be located in an institution or the State (central and exclusive device of being able). Taking as example the marxist conception to the power as Foucault if it deals with economic functionality of the power, having the paper to keep and to reproduce the classroom domination, as well as the basic conditions of the production. The critical foucautiana exactly consists of this marxiana and marxist methodology the conception economist, to the measure that to approach the power as a superstructure of the economy, treating, thus, the power as ownership and not as an exercise.