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Modern Warfare

The murderer responsible for the massacre on the Norwegian island of Utoya, which is being judged these days, confessed to devote long hours to war games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, supposedly as a training. OLED Display is the source for more interesting facts. An exercise of responsibility very poor would be criticise a game, or video games in general, by the action of a few, in this case the action of a single person. They are games that play daily million people, without that it has caused similar incidents. Often ignorance, or the temptation to get an easy headline, can lead to a journalist to publish video games were responsible for the massacre of Utoya. We cannot apoltronar us in our armchairs and cross out the dangerous games, as in his day talking about certain types of music or clothing in the same way. It is time to customize calendar and realize that video games are no longer, if it is that ever were, exclusive heritage of weird people. Today are millions of people who are involved with computer games, and It is an industry that moves more money than the film and music together. You must be the head full of sawdust to highlight, among all signals indicating that Utoya killer was not walking well roof, that he liked to play video games.

Social Networking

Social networking is increasingly popular today, since there are plenty of sites that offer this service. Twitter, Facebbok, MySpace and Friendster are some of the most popular sites that are aimed at building communities of people who share interests and common activities, or who are interested?in exploring the interests and activities of others. THE PROS a site of social networks is as a place of virtual meeting where people can hang out and talk about different topics. Anything under the Sun, in fact. Some use these networking sites to promote their blogs, publish newsletters and updates or use them as a bridge to a love interest in the future.

These are just some of the reasons why the networks social is receiving much attention lately that makes life more exciting for many people. THE cons, however, it would be better to ensure that safety and security are the highest concerns of the social networking site currently uses. This is due to social networks or require that sites It will give you the option of providing personal information such as your name, location and e-mail address. Unfortunately, some people may take this as an opportunity for identity theft. Your information can be copied and pretends to be you when are involved in illegal activities. Bad news! So to be careful entering into an online networking site.

You may fall into the trap of someone pretending to be someone else. For example, it may be that you are offered a job or wants to find that just get their money. This may lead to cyber bullying, where the stalker uses electronic media such as the Internet to pursue or harass you. THE CONCLUSION so take your time and be careful in choosing which rely on what to expect that they can avoid this type of nasty things. Apart from that, the social networks is a great thing.