The Shirt With Serial Number: YVES IZO Opts For Exclusivity

Uncompromising individual: YVES IZO is targeting a self-consciously masculine target group Berlin, 29.06.2012 – YVES IZO brand takes the stage with a world premiere. In addition to its own serial number, each YVES IZO shirt receives a certificate of authenticity. YVES IZO satisfies so desire widespread in the upper segment of the market for exclusivity. YVES IZO uses the best materials in satin and Feintwill quality and emphasis on elaborate processing and high wearing comfort. In the upper quality segment, so far lacked a brand that attracts the fashionable active and more extroverted target group “so Uygar NAR, managing partner at YVES IZO.

Quality shirts with a dash of healthy self-esteem: the cuts are worked in the Slimfit-style body stressed. At the same time let the desired freedom men with sporty more robust stature in the right places. White Line and Black Line: Whether day or night, always the perfect shirt! YVES IZO responds to the needs of the clientele of masculine with two different lines to different occasions and times of day. The shirts of white line with its stylish design future, become a real alternative for business appointments. Serious means no more longer automatically boring. In the details of the Black line on the other hand, YVES IZO reveals a sense of playfulness.

Distinctive design elements provide a high recognition value in the left inner placket as the brand logo as an eye-catcher: you can see a shirt by YVES IZO so at first sight already from a distance. More consistent stylistic elements are the large shark collar and wide cuffs. Original YVES IZO shirts are exclusively online via the website or available through other trading platforms on the Web. Uygar NAR,