Video Documentation System

Video documentation system for medical / healthcare the creco gmbh responds to capture shots electronically to the growing demand in many medical disciplines and to archive and provides for the completion of the medical / healthcare portfolio the Crecorder before. This is 5 in 1 video documentation system itself as a full-fledged diagnostic monitor can be used and implemented an effective cost reduction to a professional. The wonder of technology offers a number of features and this space, at an extremely attractive price. Whether ENT, neurosurgery, urology, Gastroenterology, cardiology, vascular surgery or orthopedics the applications of Crecorders are almost unlimited. Learn more on the subject from GoPro. He effectively enhances your workflow. Connecting a video camera, such as Endoscope, realizes the operation of the Crecorders as a diagnostic monitor. The findings can be created after its completion to commercial printers or exported to a disk – like hard drive, USB, CD, DVD, card reader, LAN -, archived and stored. All of this has an enormous relief of image and data management to result.

A video printer or recorder is no longer required! In addition to the pure data recording the Crecorder offers a patient database in the findings, the intervention management can be managed. In addition, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 – the statutory required documentation requirements concern is worn with the video documentation system and its image and video recording – in JPEG, BMP, DivX. Important evidence on liability issues. The Crecorder scores with a simple, intuitive operation and is extensible through a variety of options, such as through a touch screen. An integrated All-In one computer with DVD burner, delivers great performance for all applications and programs. To the audio / video signals outside of the operating room or study room transmitted, telemedicine offers function for this necessary conditions. A stream of the video signal can be followed it via LAN or the Internet on another computer.