Writing Journals

According to studies from various universities in Latin America has shown that digital journals in Latin America have practically all the tools of the digital journalism (interactivity, multimedia, hypertext) but they are not as leveraged as for example, the Spanish newspapers in the handling of the information.Both are needed, both complement and accumulate information.Because of the evolution and consolidation of new technologies, we are witnessing increasingly a greater presence and influence of newspapers in society. -One of the first features of digital journals is that they offer an information on a global scale, can be read anywhere in the world, through a simple Internet connection. The extinction of the European newspapers despite its long tradition in these countries is not discarded in the European society. -Can respond to the demands of each user specific information including: cause of a communication, a custom model of communication desmasificacion. -Se It gives a greater importance to the content of the information. It’s generating services multi-platform instead of brackets that a person can access from different places.

-Online information services enable integration of all formats of information on same media (text, audio, video, graphics, photographs, animations) – network makes it possible follow up to the minute of the news updates, occurs the permanent direct, real time information. -There are no limits to the amount of media that may exist, or there are limits on the volume of information. -Multiply the available channels, transmitting more information in less time and at global level. -Do not require large investments in infrastructures, or permits, or licenses, it has no distribution costs – allows direct access of the public to information sources without the mediation of professional communicators. It is a publishing system that works apart from traditional media publishers. An example is clear press Holland (Netherlands), which currently almost in its entirety is digital. -Users have access to the servers where lies the information and also can communicate with each other using the same system you have access to the media. This allows creating forums, and build communities.

-Interactivity is possible. Content providers and users have a few perfectly interchangeable roles. -Information on nodes (discrete units) is distributed and are articulated through links (programming orders. But not all are advantages to digital newspapers. It can happen to make them that obsession by the immediacy of these journals take into account verification and contrast of sources, control their information. The Hypertext, the new technological frontier of writing, requires new communication skills and a greater effort of reading, since it disappears the linear paradigm. Sometimes even disappears the coherence and the sense of the texts. It is necessary to learn how to navigate through the information. Another disadvantage is that Internet connections there are no in every part of the world (full coverage).