Month: July 2020

Mobile Fair Systems

Mobile fair systems of LA CONCEPT for the lifestyle fair early bird in Hamburg from 30 July to 01 August 2011 will take place in Hamburg lifestyle fair early bird. Original gift and home accessories, and jewelry, decorative and wellness products and fashion ideas are presented on over 80,000 m. The enormous themes and product diversity, the audience can inform also the latest marketing trends. To ensure both an appropriate targeting and an optimal product presentation, the selection of the appropriate stand for the early bird is a key success factor. With the mobile exhibition stands of production agency LA CONCEPT, an individual and mobile exhibition stand can be used which can be mounted in a very short time without stand builders and easily transported through the appropriate Transportcases. In addition to the mobile exhibition and promotion sets mobile EX POMADE trade fair system is accessible back on that.

The mobile exhibition and promotion sets are assembled from the individual components of the mobile presentation systems. This can completely individual sets made the exhibition walls, rollup displays, racks, racks, and even the digital elements consisting of. Only three components already complete sets can be put together, which will be built within a few seconds and provide all functions of a fair system. But not only small areas can be operated with the mobile estates, also several square meters can be equipped with the different mobile stands. The biggest advantage of the mobile exhibition sets by LA CONCEPT is the high degree of flexibility.

By simply adding other mobile systems, this can be extended easily and individually. Even for the outdoor sets are used, which absolutely water and are weatherproof. Another mobile variant for the bird is early the exhibition system EX POMADE. The mobile and high-quality trade fair system convinces with an open presentation area, because the system completely eliminates flat carrier. The stability obtains EX POMADE Fair system through the design trade fair Tower, as well as the numerous modular elements. The transport can be made in Transportcases also here simply and easily. Through the plug and screw mechanism, the structure can be made in a short time. Even people without large trade fair experience can easily make building. In contrast to the classic trade fair systems proves EX POMADE trade fair system maximum mobility through the complete dismantling of the stand. So great can be completely dismantled systems with dimensions of 6x5m and transported with only three Transportcases. Especially in the early bird, the distinctive Tower can generate enormous attention and draw the interest of visitors from afar on the booth. You will receive more information about the mobile exhibition stands messestaende.html under

Heating System

A cache allows efficient energy management of cache is a cache for heat. He is often in the cellar and heats up when a glut of heat and a lack of heat he releases the stored heat. It can be used in many heating systems. With him, a significant proportion will save heat. STRUCTURE AND HEAT LOSS.

The buffer tank is a tank and is made of steel, in three layers. The tank is heating water filled. The water is heated. This is done within the cache, or outside. A buffer memory is subject to cool down. Daily heat loss will accumulate up to several kilowatt-hours. The buffer memory is therefore insulated against heat loss. The outside temperature will be less than the temperature inside.

Also the connections of a cache are among the points, which cause heat loss. The connections of a buffer tank must be insulated well. VERSATILE USE OF BUFFER MEMORY. The Buffer memory, which is used in a detached house, is to relieve the heating of the House. He used the right size, he saves an Aufwarmheizleistung of several kilowatt hours. A cache is used also in the House, to reduce the burner starts. This reduces the wear and tear of components and reduces the pollutant emission of the heating system. The buffer memory when Sun heats up in the solar system. His task is to keep the stored energy. To support the collectors, the buffer memory of houses, from eight hundred litre should be. Larger collector series will have a larger capacity tank for the cache. By storing the heat in the summer, it can be used in the winter. The memory is used also for heat pumps. Heat pumps absorb heat from the environment. They are then transformed into heat. The current, is billed to operate the pump, in a special cheap rate. For this he must Heat pump operators adhere to a daily lockout time of several hours. The store helps to bridge the gap and to relieve the compressor. Mark Sommer

Recommended Operating System

All actions of the enemy drawn from these tactical this and the U.S. Army. The enemy will act as would act in reality. A huge plus the game was full destructible outside world. Now you can go into any building from where you might want to bring down the enemy huge trees, sloping heavy machine gun or pieces of walls that are flying in all hand with a powerful grenade launcher.

But the main novelty in the game has become – Nanosuit, unique armor created by the leading engineers of the United States. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sony. Nanosuit in the game has its own supply of energy that can be targeted to one of the 4 properties of the suit: armor, strength, speed, stealth. Armor – sending energy to the armor, the player for some time with an added protection, while the energy is consumed only when the damage absorbed. Also in this mode, energy suit recovers faster. Strength – This mode gives us a character in the game crisis unimaginable force. Your beats are ten times stronger than that of Tyson, you can easily throw an enemy soldier in the crowd of his colleagues, the walls cracked from a couple of blows, but that's not all, thanks to the enormous power of our hero is able to jump in 3 above and beyond, the enemy does not have time to even utter a word when you find yourself under his nose.

Speed – this feature is enabled your character will run and recharge the weapon several times faster. This ability is good in cases where the need to quickly rush through the enemy, or vice versa as quickly as possible to flee away. Stealth – or else the name of Invisibility. Including this mode, the hero becomes invisible, though not 100%. From afar, the enemies you will not notice and you can easily aim at precisely the enemy, right after the shot, invisibility disappears. Game Graphics crisis looks like a great Hollywood movie. The new engine cryengine 2 is capable of producing stunning graphics through which the game is no longer distinguishable from a movie. Realistic explosions in detail, literally every detail traced landscape the enemy looks like a real all this in a movie theater, and you have to monitor. Minimum system requirements for crysis operating system: Windows xp Processor: 2.8 GHz Memory: 1.0 gb Video: 256 mb space on hard drive: 12 gb Recommended Operating System: Windows xp Vista Processor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.2GHz or amd Athlon 64 X2 4400 + RAM: 2.0 gb, better 3.0 gb Video: 768 mb space on hard drive: 12 GB

Application Software

fully-automated application software – JobThinder the economic crisis has turned now quite to the positive. Yet countless people in Germany and Austria without a job there. There are also many job seekers who have a job, but still looking for a new professional challenges. For this group there is application software, that can be very helpful to one for the active job search. What is now the JobThinder. For even more opinions, read materials from altavista. The JobThinder is an application software that automatically takes over the search for vacancies.

This application software searches in countless JobBorsen in the Internet, in newspapers, etc. to suitable vacancies. The search for open positions is possible for Germany and Austria. There are modules for the search in Austria and Germany. Secondly, this application software supports also the research to potential employers by means of the application. It can be searched in all the companies, which exist in the respective district or in the district. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dell. Next, takes over the JobThinder also the automatic creation of application letters, created automatically personally formulated application mail. Also the sending application faxes, which are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, is possible with this application software.

It is not even needed a fax machine, but the dispatch is done by online fax – interface. Meanwhile, there is also a Lite version which is designed to search for vacancies. The available versions are available at This application software is ideal for job-seekers, which quickly and efficiently perform their job search. Eng.

Time Advance Democracy

Every day we can realize that representative democracy reduces the participation of citizens to the minimum. Manifesting itself only in the right to cast the ballot every four years and the participation, for the more adventurous, in some political parties of dubious internal democracy, just remember cases like Borrell in the PSOE or the designation to Rajoy as successor to Aznar finger. The reality with which we find ourselves today is that we enjoy more rights as consumers that gives us our status as citizens. So, if we are timados in the purchase of any goods or service can bring a claim, go to mediation and/or arbitration and finally: to trial. But, what can we do if we are misled by the political shift? The answer is, nothing. While it is true that, at the end of his term of four years, in case of occurring to his re-election, we can punish him level votes, but in any case it gives us the opportunity ask responsibilities directly.

To this it must be added that we live in a society increasingly prepared and that we are surrounded by more advanced technology that allows you to open new horizons for citizen participation in policy. Therefore, there is no justification to follow anchored in a representative democracy that constrict the full development of the concepts of citizen and citizenship, understood these, as members of a political community, with a series of duties and a series of rights, of which the most important are the rights of political participation. Seeing the constant loss of legitimacy of the current representative system, exacerbated now by an electoral system that promotes a bipartisanship and left without representation to millions of citizens, it is necessary to begin to consider deepening democratic institutions through mechanisms that enable greater participation and greater control of citizens on public affairs. Some of these mechanisms * that are operating in countries as diverse as Switzerland, USA and Uruguay are: the right of citizens to the presentation of a legislative initiative and which, after its deliberation by Parliament, will be submitted to a binding referendum. (Implemented in Switzerland and in 24 US States). The right of citizens to the presentation of an initiative to constitutional reform, similar to the previous mechanism.

(Implemented in Switzerland and Uruguay) Revocation of elected officials through the collection of a certain number of signatures from voters in a given time and subsequent submission to a referendum the question of disqualification. Mechanism which makes it absurd that a politician to betray the expectations of their voters. (Implemented in Switzerland and some U.S. States). The compulsory referendum for the adoption of legislative decisions of magma importance such as reform of the Constitution or accession to international treaties. (Implemented in Switzerland and Australia). The direct election of mayors, Presidents, judges, prosecutors, etc. Therefore, in those Now we are at an important time for open debate on these issues and begin to consider mechanisms for the participation of this kind in our own organizations. Edgar Alejandro Freivalds Trujillo * to know something more background on how these mechanisms work I recommend the page of the organisation more democracy (, Member of the European platform Democracy international. * There are several cases of both political and non-political organizations in Spain that are using the Internet (forums, discussion groups, electronic voting) to facilitate the participation of their militants and sympathizers in the debates and internal decisions of the organization. * Coordinator General of Iniciativa Ciudadana by Fuerteventura (

Civilized Savage

But the conclusive answer to this child will be only on the basis of the law of connection time, expressed by the following formula: W1 – W2 = (c1 + v1 + m1) – (c2 + v2 + m2) = (m '+ 1) (k1-k2) + m '(c2 – c1) ** In this general case: c-experience (knowledge) of previous generations; v – experience the present generation to address the problems faced by them; m – touched on problems of future generations, m = m'v; m'-degree of aspiration for the future, m '= m / v; k-cost process, k = v + c; W – total amount of labor to create human persons, the law understand. "The true measure of civilization – not the level of wealth and education, not the size of cities, not the abundance of the harvest, and appearance of a person raising a country (R. Emerson)." 'Civilized Savage – worst of all savages (Weber)'. Others including isearch, offer their opinions as well. In time fathers should be encouraged children to analyze the formula. It is useful to immediately show the kids that it is in accordance with the law ('Prove all things, a good stay. ") Develop science and technology, and that's why they are developing so successfully and rapidly. And it is expressed, including in the growth of scientists and engineers – people who clearly understand that the ability to increase the knowledge extracted by their predecessors (c2 – c1) depends on the ability of extracted knowledge of their predecessors (c1) to digest. 'Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning (Pr.9, 8)'.

In this case all the 'true' scientists revere their predecessors by their teachers. Same would have to be in life, 'student of the previous day is the day', – says the Latin quote. But in the science of life situation is somewhat different than in other sciences. The peculiarity of this situation can be illustrated Pliny the Younger words: "If you expect to posterity, to them unfinished – the same thing that is not started." And the very situation you can describe the words of Seneca: "Those who lived before us, a lot happened, but nothing has been completed." Fathers helpful to understand that even with the assistance of mathematics, they do not prove much to his sons, if not donesut to their understanding: 'Science – have the knowledge, acquired through a clear and solid start (NG Kurganov)'.